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Pillsbury is a very famous brand name for various baking and frosting products. General Mills is an Ohio based company that uses Pillsbury as their brand name. Charles Alfred Pillsbury founded the C.A Pillsbury Company in 1872 along with his uncle John Pillsbury. For the first time steam rollers were used to process grains by the Pillsbury Company, USA. Pillsbury company has started with only seven products but slowly the products range has increased that includes sweet*10 (artificial sweetener), funny face drink mix and space food sticks. The company had also acquired many restaurants like Burger King, Steak & Ale, Godfathers Pizza and Quick Wok. After all these achievements, in 2001 the entire Pillsbury business was sold to The J.M Smucker Company, General mills.

Pillsbury Baked Products

• Cookies

• Crescent rolls

• Pizza

• Breads

• Biscuits

• Pie crust

• Appetizers

Pillsbury Special Attractions

Pillsbury also offers ready to bake products that makes a nice dessert to the end of your meal. Pillsbury doughboy is one of the major creations by the brand. Various Pillsbury baking recipes are also famous in world cuisines. Special bake-off contest is organized by the company as a brand promotion technique. Pillsbury is not only popular in USA, but it has also spread its popularity in various parts of world like London, Sydney and India. Pillsbury has now become a global food brand that is working to replicate its success worldwide.