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Pepperidge Farm

Pepperidge Farm is a popular confectionery brand in the United States, manufacturing a variety of cookies, bread, crackers, and Milanos. It has been taken over by Campbell Soup Company and from its inception till today, Pepperidge Farm maintains quality.


In 1937, a housewife named Margaret Rudkin staying in Connecticut, started baking whole wheat bread loaf because one of her three sons was allergic to the commercial bread which had preservatives and artificial flavors. She kept making them till they turned out to be perfect bread loaf with only natural ingredients. Her son’s doctor and her family encouraged her to take it to the next level of producing it in bulk and supplying to the grocery stores. She started making them in bulk and selling it to the local grocers. She named her bread after the name of her family’s farm in Connecticut and people started to recognize her bread by the name of Pepperidge Farm bread. After the world war II she expanded her business and opened her first bakery in Norwalk , CT. She then started making oatmeal breads, dinner rolls, and stuffing. In 1955, Pepperidge Farm produced the very different European style cookies with names like Geneva, Brussels, and Bordeux.

During 1960s, Pepperidge Farm was sold to Campbell Soup Company. Margaret Rudkin also came up with a cookbook which became the first cookbook to appear on the New York Times Bestseller list. In 1966, Margaret retired from the Pepperidge Farm.

In 1970’s, Pepperidge Farm was seen planting enough trees to meet its requirements in production of high quality products. In 1977, Pepperidge Farm’s Goldfish Crackers made its debut on the Television.

Today, Pepperidge Farm has seen immense growth and has been able to earn $1 billion sales in 2001.


Cookies: This category of products has a lot of variety, including Milano melts consisting rich chocolate crème in crispy cookies. The Homestyle Cookies come in flavors, gingerman, sugar, coconut, shortbread and lemon containing finest of ingredients. Its American Collection of cookies has real ingredients in them like almonds, raisins, white chocolate, and sweet cinnamon. Apart from these, there are cookies to suit the everyday mood, naming Geneva, Verona, Tahiti, Chessman, Brussels, Bordeaux and Piroutte cookies.

Cracker and Chips : This includes crunchy baked crackers with a mix of herbs, cheeses, spices. Thin Sticks are the miniature bread sticks, made of natural ingredients only. The Wheat crisps are pretzel shaped crackers, baked until golden brown and seasoned with care.

Breakfast Dishes: This contains breakfast breads having lesser calories and sweet tastes of cinnamon. Another delicious dish in this category is the bagel, made by first boiling it and then baking it to ensure the crust is crisp and the core is soft.

Fresh Breads and Rolls: This consists of breads made in the shape of gold fish, bread for weight management, and the whole grain bread, free from preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Frozen Bread: Frozen breads are good for instant use anywhere and anytime. They come in 4 varities, Texas toast, Garlic Bread, Premium Toast and Bread, and Stone Baked Artisan Dinner Rolls.

GoldFish Crackers: These are the most popular crackers amongst consumers of Pepperidge Farm. They come in 8 varieties.

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