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Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer is a popular American brand for cold cuts and meats.The Oscar Mayer Company is based at Madison, Wisconsin, in the United States. It is well known for its hot dogs, bacon, bologna, cold cuts and Lunchables products.


Oscar Mayer brand of products were launched in 1883 by the founder Oscar F. Mayer. Oscar was a German immigrant who started selling various meats – bratwurst, liverwurst, and weibwurst – from Chicago, Illinois. With the growing popularity of their meats, they started branding the products as Oscar Mayer. The products were known for their high quality and the Oscar Mayer brand was one of the first in 1906, who volunteered to join a new federal meat inspection programme. The brand is now owned by Kraft Foods.


The range of Oscar Mayer products offer Hot Dogs, Cold Cuts, Lunchables, Adult Lunch Combos and Bacons, each of which come in various options.

  • Cold Cuts may be Deli Fresh, Selects or Carving Board. Deli Fresh offers the freshest products with varieties of roast beef, chicken breast, turkey breast, ham and combos. Selects are various meats with no added preservatives and full flavour. It comes in slow roasted turkey, applewood smoked turkey, applewood smoked ham, rotisserie chicken and slow roasted roast beef variations.
  • Bacon is available in Select, Original, Butcher Thick Cut, Turkey Bacon and Fully Cooked options which are further available in different cuts and flavours. For instance, Original is available in Maple, Thick Cut, Super Thick Cut, Centre Cut, Lower Sodium or Smoked Uncured flavours. Similarly Butcher Thick Cut is available in Applewood smoked and Hickory Smoked flavours, while Fully Cooked is available in Thick Cut, Canadian and Real Bacon Bits.
  • Hot Dogs are available in Selects, Angus, Beef, Meat, Turkey and Cheese which again have sub options. Beef offers beef franks, bun length beef franks, light beef franks and Select offers New York Style, Chicago Recipe, Angus and Turkey.
  • Adult Lunch Combos comes in three varieties of Sub Sandwich, Cracker Combo and Snacks To Go. Sub sandwiches are available in Honey ham and Swiss, turkey Monterey and steakhouse cheddar. Cracker Combo comes in turkey and ham, turkey and chicken, rotisserie chicken and oven roasted turkey.
  • Lunchables comes in packs with water, juice or fruit. These are available in flavours like Turkey and Cheddar, Ham & American Flatbread, Extra Cheesy Pizza and other flavours.

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