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Nocilla is a kind of chocolate spread mixed with hazelnut which is popular in Spain. It is very similar to its Italian counterpart, the Nutella and eclipses it in popularity within Spain. The Nocilla was first launched in the later half of the 1960s and was only available in Spain previously. It is also used as a food supplement and has now been popularized to some extent in other countries as well.

The Nocilla recipe is unique and calls for cocoa, milk, hazelnut and sugar to be mixed in fixed proportions which impart the Nocilla with its flavor. It is produced commercially by the Nutrexpa Group which has its presence in most of the countries around the globe, spanning five different continents.

The Nocilla recipe has undergone prominent changes multiple times as it is focused on children and teenagers taking care of their high energy food requirements. Nocilla is a brand preferred by Spanish mothers for their children and the spread is associated with happy childhood memories for almost all Spaniards.

The chocolate and hazelnut spread is frequently eaten on sandwiches or added to milk. Nocilla recipe for adding the spread to dessert items abound as well.

History Of Nocilla Recipe
The Nutrexpa Group launched the chocolate and hazelnut spread called Nocilla in 1960s which had remained popular as a tea time drink for children and teenagers in Spain. Its special formula gives the spread a unique taste which is hard to mimic.

Ingredients And Popular Nocilla Recipe
Nocilla is usually available in 200g jars and is the most famous breakfast spread in Spain. The ingredients that go into Nocilla are similar to every other chocolate spread which contains hazelnut. However, the exact formula pertaining to the ratio of the ingredients is a closely guarded secret.

Duo Nocilla is a newer product which consists of both dark as well as white chocolate mixed along with the paste of hazelnuts. The taste is similar to the milk chocolate and can serve as a comfort food especially when spread on white bread. While most of the kids seem to prefer the Duo variety, the adults like the original dark colored spread which is slightly high on the nutrition factor as well.

Variation of Nocilla
Nutella- A very similar product marketed by the Italian group Ferroro consists of a mixture of hazelnut paste, sugar and cocoa along with milk solids. It has acquired considerably more popularity than the Spanish spread and sells in 75 countries at present.

Nutritional Facts of Nocilla
A single serving of Nocilla contains 55.4 calories with more than half of it obtained from fats. The total amount of carbohydrate in Nocilla is 2% and the addition of hazelnuts helps it to be a healthy product. However, there are no dietary fibers in the spread and it is recommended to be consumed in moderation in accompaniment to other healthy food items like milk.

Nocilla: Trivia
One of the most well known slogans in Spanish say, “Nocilla, que merendilla” which means Nocilla is a great snack.