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Nabisco is an American brand of biscuits, cookies and snacks, which was formerly known as National Biscuit Company. Its products are popular not only across United States but all over the world. Some of its popular products are Ritz, Oreo, Newtons, Chips Ahoy, Wheat Thins, Nutter Butter, Mallomars, Belvita and Premium.


The Nabisco brand of biscuits came into existence in the year 1898, when William Moore of New York Biscuit Company and Adolphus Green of American Biscuit & Manufacturing Company merged their individual businesses to form one consolidated company. Adolphus Green became the first president. This merger includes atleast 114 bakeries across America, then headquartered at New York. Today the company’s head office is situated at East Hanover, New Jersey. It’s Chicago factory is the largest bakery in the world and employs more than 1500 workers.

The company went through a series of mergers with Standard Brands and R.J.Reynolds and Philips Morris Companies, Inc. However it comes under the Kraft Foods, Inc. today and has a widespread popularity of all its products across the globe.


Some of the popular brands under Nabisco are :

  • 100 Calorie Thin Crisps – As the name suggests it has all of 100 calories and is available in variety which is : Chips Ahoy, Cheese Nips, Lorna Doone, Ritz Snack Mix, Planters Peanut Butter, Baked Snack Crackers and Lorna Doone Shortbread.

  • Barnum’s Animal Crackers – These are tiny bite sized animal shaped biscuits which are loved by children and adults alike. It comes in two varieties : Crackers and Snak-Saks.

  • Chips Ahoy! – These are chocolate chip cookies which come in bite size and regular size and in various flavours like Candy Blast, Chunky Chocolate, Chunky White Fudge, Chewy Chocolate Chip, Chewy Chocolate Chip & Oatmeal and Reduced Fat.

  • Nabisco Classics – These are the old world cookies which have a made-at-home flavour. Its various flavours are, Iced Animal, French Vanilla Crème, Cookie Carnival, Snickerdoodle, Iced Lemon Shortbread, Oatmeal, Iced Oatmeal, Iced Oatmeal Raisins and Cocoa Crème Sandwich.

  • Handi-Snacks – These are ready to eat snacks, mostly for a single serving. The various flavours include, Oreo Cookie Sticks N Crème, Ritz Crackers N Cheez, Premium Breadsticks N Cheez, Ritz Crackers N Cheez Dunk ‘Ems and Sugar Free Reduced Calorie Pudding in Vanilla, Chocolate or Creamy Caramel.

  • Easy Cheese – These are squeezable containers with creamy cheese in Cheddar, American, Sharp Cheddar and Cheddar N Bacon flavours.

  • Flavor Originals – These are the original basic baked savoury crackers which come in Sociables, Vegetable Thins, Better Cheddars and Chicken In A Biskit flavours.

  • Ginger Snaps – These are simply ginger flavoured basic cookies.

  • Honey Maid - These are biscuits with a distinct honey taste and come in Honey Low Fat, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Honey Fresh Stacks, Squares, Mini S’Mores, Cinnamon Low Fat, Original, Pie Crust and Gingerbread Limited Edition flavours.

  • Cheese Nips - These are cheese tasting crackers which come in Cheddar, Baked Snack Cheddar and Baked Snack Cheddar Reduced Fat flavours.

  • Mallomars – These are simply pure chocolate cookies, with lots of extra chocolate.

  • Newtons – These are small sweet snack biscuits which come with a real fruit filling or fruit chunks. They are available in mainly three varieties : Newtons, Fruit Thins and Fruit Crisps. Each of these are then available in various flavours such as Fig, Strawberry, Mixed Berry, Raspberry, Cranberry Citrus Oat, Raspberry Chocolate, Blueberry Brown Sugar, Fig and Honey, Apple Cinnamon, Whole Grain and are available in regular or mini sizes.

  • Nutter Butter – These are also sandwich cookies with extra butter or peanunt butter, available in both regular and bite sized options in various shapes.

  • Nilla Wafers – These are simple round biscuits which come in regular and mini sizes and the regular and reduced fat variations.

  • Premium – These are basic salted crackers available in regualar and mini sizes in original or whole grain style.

  • Oreo – These are primarily sandwich cookies with a layer of cream and come in a huge variety of Golden Original, Chocolate Berry Burst, Peanut Butter, Winter Red Crème, Fudge Cremes Golden, Chocolate Cool Mint and Triple Double Chocolate to only name a few.

  • Ritz – These are the basic round salted crackers in regular size available in small and big packs, in Hint of Salt, Real Cheese, Peanut Butter, Reduced Fat, Whole Wheat varieties.

  • Wheat Thins – These are very thin crispy crackers made from 100 % whole grain. It comes in varieties which are : Wheat Thin Flavors, Wheat Thin Stix, Wheat Thins Fiber Selects, Wheat Thins Family Size, Wheat Thins Flatbread

Other than those mentioned above Nabisco also has products named Triscuit, Snackwells, Toasted Chips, Wheatsworth, Mixers, Teddy Grahams, Belvita, Cameo, Red Oval Farms Stoned Wheat Thins and Ritz Bits Sandwiches.

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