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Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods is a brand for an American food, beverage, and confectionery company that markets various brands under it to over 170 countries. The company is based out of Northfield, IL. In Europe, the company is headquartered in Zurich, Glattpark, Switzerland, and Opfikan. Its 12 very famous brands make more than $1 billion annually worldwide. The 12 brands include, Jacobs, Cadburys, Milka, Maxwell House, Oscar Mayer, Tang, Trident, LU, Kraft, and Philadelphia. Its 40 brands are almost a century old.


Kraft Foods was created by Thomas H Mclnnerney as National Dairy Products Corporation, on 10th December 1923. After 8 years of its inception, the company became the largest diary company in America and across the world. The firm was also listed on the New York Stock Exchange. During the time of 1903 to 1929, James L Kraft, the German origin and Canadian born, started a wholesale business to sell cheese from door to door in Chicago, 1903. Initially he faced losses, however, after few years, the company saw a rise when in 1909, it was joined by his four brothers and formed, J. L Kraft and Bros. Company. The company was headquarted in New York City to expand it to the international market. The firm had started producing 30 varieties of cheeses by 1914 due to expansion by marketing, heavy product development, and wholly owned cheese factory in Chicago.

In 1915, the company produced a pasteurized cheese which could be kept for a longer period of time without being refrigerated. This product was sold majorly during the First World War to the militants of the US army. In 1916, company made achieved, a Canadian Cheese company by starting national advertising. The company changed its name to Kraft Cheese Company in 1924 and was listed on the Chicago Stock Exchange and following that in the year 1926, it was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It then, started acquiring lot other firms, including AE Wright, Southern Diaries, Phenix Cheese, D. J Easton, International Wood Products, Gelfand Manufacturing, and 10 other companies.

In 1927, it established its sales offices in London, and Hamburg in Europe.

By 1930, it acquired more than 40% of the America’s cheese market. In the same year, it also started operating in Australia.

In 1969, the company changed its name to Kraftco Corporation due to the following reason:

“The reason for the name change was given at the time: "Expansion and innovation have taken us far afield from the regional milk and ice cream business we started with in 1923. Dollar sales of these original products have remained relatively static over the past ten years and, in 1969 accounted for approximately 25% of our sales”

In 1976, it again changed its name to Kraft Inc.


Cheese and Diary

  • Kraft Singles: Introduced in 1949, Kraft Singles is a processed cheese, which is manufactured and sold by Kraft foods inc exclusively.
  • Kraft Mayo : Kraft Mayo is produced by Kraft foods that come in a variety of flavors. It was launched in 1988 and in 1993, Kraft foods came up with a variety of mayo flavors, which also contained less fat.

Baking and Desserts: This category of products consists of

  • Bakers : This consists of a variety of baking chocolates like bittersweet chocolate, unsweetened chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, German’s Sweet chocolate bar, White-the decorating chocolate.
  • Jell-O: Jell-O includes Gelatin, mixes for puddings, and no bake dessert mixes.
  • Caramels : Caramels consist of caramels that can be eaten like candies, and the traditional caramels for desserts and caramel recipes.
  • Jet Puffed : Jet puffed are the popular marshmallow candies in the United States with
  • Planters : This consists of peanut butter with a variety, Planters peanut butter spread, Planters Crunchy Peanut butter, and Planters creamy peanut butter.

Coffee and Beverages

Caprison: It is a juice concentrate drink that comes in 4 varieties, Caprisun with less sugar, Caprisun in orange flavor, in tropical fruit flavor, and fruit punch.

CountryTIme: It is a non carbonated lemon drink which comes as a powdered mix.

Crystal Light: This is a low calorie, refreshment beverages including variety of classic flavors, mocktails, and energy drinks.

Gevalia: This consists of a coffee maker and 4 saches of coffee mix.

Maxwell House: It is a brand of coffee manufactured by kraft foods.

Mio: This consists of natural drinks, free of gluten, artificial flavors, free of kosher and has low calories due to less sugar.

Along with the above mentioned products, Kraft foods also manufactures a variety of sauces, dressings, condiments, snacks, cookies, candies, meal helpers and side dishes.

Brand Review

Kraft Foods Inc is a very popular foods company acquiring highest revenues and operating profits. The company manufactures a variety of food products including desserts, confectionery, sauces, drinks and beverages, which are marketed under several brands like Maxwell House, LU, Milka, Cadbury, Jacobs, Trident, oreo, Nabisco.

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