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Del Monte

Del Monte Foods, a part of Del Monte Corporation is one of the biggest and popular manufacturers, marketers, distributors of food products in the United States. The company also markets pet products for the entire US retail market. The net sales that have been recorded by the company in the year 2010 were $3.7 billion.


The history of Del Monte dates back to the 19th century, when in late 1880’s the name was used by the food distributor to label for a coffee that was made for the hotel, Del Monte. In 1892, the brand, Del Monte emerged when the company expanded its business, and selected its brand name as Del Monte for its new field of canned peaches. In 1909, the company introduced the Del Monte Shield in the market. The company began to run more than 60 canneries in Idaho, Utah, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. It bought cannery and apple farms in Hawaii. It moved outside the United States, and acquired canneries in the Philippines. The name became, California Packing Corporation became outdated due to many businesses. The company then came up with the name “Del Monte Corporation”.

Del Monte Corporation got rights to a brand, SunFresh Brand, which is the premium brand of distributing tropical and premium fruits. It also gained rights to the S&W brand of processed tomato, fruits, vegetables and specialty sauce products.


  • Fruit Chillers
  • Fruit Undressed
  • Fruit Naturals
  • SunFresh
  • Orchard Select
  • Fresh Cut
  • S&W
  • College Inn
  • Contadina

Del Monte’s Pet Brands

Pup Peroni

Milk Bone



Kibbles n Bits

Gravy Train

Jerky Treats

Canine Carry Outs

Nature’s Recipe


  1. Del Monte products are found in 80% of the United States homes.
  2. Del Monte was the first company to label nutritional value of food on all its food products, which made the headlines all through the country and received many accolades from the government officials.
  3. Del Monte Square, previously the Del Monte’s Plant was now world’s largest cannery for fruits and vegetables.
  4. In 2006, Del Monte became popular in producing pet foods.
  5. In South America and North America, Del Monte Foods markets food products under the name of Del Monte.
  6. Del Monte also markets and distributes its products to India.
  7. Del Monte bought Milk-Bone and Meow Mix in May 2006 from Kraft Foods.