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Cortislim is the latest addition in the market of weight loss products and diet foods. As per the makers, the cortislim diet pills contain all those essential ingredients which relaxes the body’s response towards stress by decreasing the level of cortisol, a stress hormone. Secondly, the regular intake of these pills considerably reduces the hunger pangs of the follower. These effects of the cortislim bring about significant weight losses. The results of the cortislim weight loss are significantly observed around the belly area. The means of cortislim weight loss is popularly sought-after to not only trigger weight losses but also boost energy levels as well as control temptations for food.

Origin of cortislim diet plan
Cortislim was introduced in the market by a California based company in the year 2003. The product was well publicized as an effective weight loss and stress management product. Later in the year 2008, the company by the name of CortiSlim International Limited acquired all the rights of cortislim weight loss products.

The cortislim diet plan
1. Cortislim does not prohibit the eater from consuming his favorite dishes. However, the plan encourages healthy eating habits among its followers.
2. In the cortislim weight loss, the eater is suggested to take one cortislim diet pill along before every meal.
3. To be more precise, every bottle contains a total of 60 cortislim diet pills, which are strictly to be consumed twice a day, once before the breakfast and once before the lunch.
4. These pills effectively accelerate the metabolism system to melt away the fat.

Health benefits of cortislim weight loss plan
The cortislim diet pills promoted by this weight loss plan has a blend of all the essential nutrients like Vitamin C and calcium and herbal extracts like magnolia bark extract, theanine and beta-sitosterol. Therefore, cortislim triggers both weight loss and development at the same time despite controlling the hunger pangs of the body.