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Big Train

Big Train is a brand of beverage mixes, including Chai and Iced Coffee mixes. The company has now more than 200 products and keeps on innovating different drink mixes that are easy to make and taste good.


Big Train was founded in 1991 and the name was kept "Big Train" because the company symbolizes constant motion and strength. The company is headquarted in Lake Forest, CA and also has its manufacturing plant next to the corporate office. Big Train has been exporting its products to the various countries like Saudi Arabia, Mexico, France, Canada, Denmark, Chile, South Korea, Australia, and many others. Big Train started its journey by first distributing its products to the coffee shops; however, now it supports many distributors, restaurants, concessionaires, boutiques, and other business to serve the guests, and customers the delicious beverages.


Big Train offers more than 200 beverage mixes and other products like baked goods, and protein drinks.

Popular Products

Chai: This line of products consist of Decaf Spiced Chai Tea Mix, Spiced Tea Latte Mix, Spiced Tea Chai Latte, Vanilla Chai Tea Latte Mix, Vanilla No Sugar Added Mix, Green Tea Chai Mix, Rasberry Chai Tea Latte Mix, Mystic Vanilla, and Mystic Spice Chai Tea latte Mix.

Frappes : It consists of various sub products including Mocha Blended Ice Coffee, Caramal Latte Blended Ice Coffee Mix, Vanilla Latte Blended Ice Coffee, Low Carb Mocha, Caramel and Vanila latte ice coffee.

Protein Drinks: This line of product consists of Fit Frappe Protein Drink, Fit Frappe Coffee Protein Drink and Fit Frappe Protein Drink sample packs.

Iced Teas and Lemonades: Passport Lemonade Mix and Passport Mango Green Tea Mix.

Baked Goods: It consists of mixes used to make baked goods. The line of product consists of Brownie Mixes, Pancake Waffle Mix, and Peanut Butter Cookie Mix.

Dairy Free Products: This line of products is ideal for Vegans, consisting products like Mango, lemon Cooler and Banana Real Fruit Smoothie Concentrate. The same is available in different flavors like Strawberry, Orange, Peach, Mango, Pineapple, Pomegranate, and Berry.

Natural Products: These products are made of natural botanicals, and rich blend of fruit juices and tea. There are two products in this category, Natural Mango Real Fruit Smoothie, and Natural Strawberry Real Fruit Smoothie.

Gluten Free Products: It consists of gluten free chai, blended iced coffees, smoothies, and protein drinks.

Low Carb Products: This line of products consist of low Carb protein drinks, cake mix, and cookies mix.

Asian Inspired Beverages: This category has Green Tea Chai, Mango Fruit Smoothie Concentrate, Passport Mango Green Tea, and Naturals Mango Real Fruit Smoothie Concentrate.

Big train Gear: The products here in this category consist of containers or mugs, called as Big Train Clear Acrylic Tumbler Cup with Straw, and Big Train Hand Painted Novelty Chai Mug.


  • It is a global brand in tea or chai and beverages mixes.
  • The mixes are available to purchase from the Big Train website.
  • Big Train offers other services like contract packing services, OnTrack Rewards program, private labeling, and a commercial blender to drive loyalty.

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Big Train