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The Baileys brand is a world-renowned premium spirit brand. It has attained the dual status of becoming the world’s number 1 brand selling liqueur as well as cream liqueur. It is considered the top selling duty-free liqueur brand in the world. In terms of its overall ranking, it comes at number 7 in the International league of highest selling global premium spirit brands. Among Impact’s top 100 spirit brands globally, its ranking is at number 25. The parent business company of Baileys is Diageo, the world-market leader in the premium beverages business and owns a host of successful brands within its fold. Diageo has proved to be one of the most important contributors to Irelands economy, providing direct and indirect employment to thousands. This company is, in effect, one of Irelands biggest exporters in the beverage category.


The Baileys brand is often written about as ‘the real Irish success story’. The Baileys Irish Cream, one among its most famous products, was conceptualized in 1971 in Dublin and launched in the market in 1974. It is a unique combination of cream liqueur, fresh dairy cream and the finest Irish whiskey, blended with chocolate flavours exclusively created for Baileys brand. It became a runaway success and today this brand enjoys premium market value. This product is exclusively manufactured and bottled in Ireland and distributed world-wide across more than 160 markets. Top 10 markets for Baileys include-

  1. France
  2. Great Britain
  3. Germany
  4. Russia
  5. Australia
  6. Italy
  7. North America and Canada
  8. Spain
  9. Ireland
  10. Global duty free

Manufacturing Practices

  • Almost all the alcohol at Baileys is manufactured through the bacterial fermentation of whey.
  • Finest quality whiskey is obtained from the best distilleries.
  • The cream used in the beverages has been supplied for more than 30 years by Glanbia, one of the best Irish dairy companies.
  • No added preservatives are required as the alcohol content works to preserve the cream.
  • Baileys vouches for the shelf life of the products and guarantees that the taste of Irish cream will remain unchanged for as long as 2 years from the date of manufacture if it is stored at suitable temperatures.

After its initial success, Baileys launched 2 new flavours in 2005 – Mint chocolate and crème caramel variants.

Through their intensive corporate social responsibility initiatives, like the Arthur Guinness Fund, this brand is committed to making social, educational and cultural advances in the community. This further strengthens the brands corporate and social commitment to Ireland.


Baileys Irish Cream tastes great and can be had as such or it can be used to create several innovative beverages using it as the base.