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Anna Pasta

Anna Pasta is one of the labels of the brand Cento Fine Foods, distributor and manufacturer of Italian food in the US. Anna Pasta is known for the finest ingredients used in the making of pasta and offers a huge variety of pasta, such as Fettuccine, Farfalle, Spaghetti, Lasagne Sheets, Fusilli, Tri-colour Penne, Whole Wheat Spaghetti , to only name a few.


Anna Pasta was one of the first Italian food products to be manufactured by Cento, in 1982. Cento was initially only a distributor of Italian Specialities and originated in Philadelphia in 1963. Cento later also became the manufacturer and importer of various Italian food in the US. Anna Pasta is made from 100% durum wheat semolina. It is made using the age old method of pasta production. The right balance of durum wheat and water is maintained in order to get the perfect quality, colour, taste and nutrition value in every packet of Anna Pasta. Pasta being one of the primary Italian foods, Anna Pasta delivers a huge range of products. It manufactures pasta in all shapes, sizes and cuts. It also prepares special range of Whole Wheat pastas. Anna Pasta caters to various needs of its consumers and for occasional needs it also prepares Tricolour pasta. Tri colour pasta has the plain variety which is in the base colour, the spinach flavoured in green colour and the tomato flavoured in red colour. Apart from these it also makes special egg pastas.


Some of the most widely used and popular products are:

  • Anna Lasagne – These are lasagna sheets which come in various varieties such as plain lasagna sheet which need to be boiled before use and the oven ready lasagna sheets which are ready to be put in the oven directly. They also have the Whole Wheat Lasagne.

  • Anna Fettuccine – These are long flattened ribbons, having a width of about half an inch. These are available the basic, egg, whole wheat, tricolor, spinach and the nest variety.

  • Anna Spaghetti – These are long straw-like pasta which are available in the basic and the whole wheat variety.

  • Anna Fusilli – These are spiral shaped pasta and are available in basic, long and tricolor variety.

  • Anna Penne – These are about two inch tubes with or without lines and available in basic, rigate (lined), tricolor and whole wheat.

  • Anna Gnocchi – These are small designed pasta and are available in basic, whole wheat, potato and mini potato variety.

  • Anna Elbows – These are small curved tubes and are available in the basic and whole wheat variety.

  • Anna Farfalle – These are bow shaped pasta and available in the basic, tricolour and whole wheat variety.

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