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Amedei is a brand of chocolate hailing from Pontedera in Tuscany region of Italy. They make chocolates of different varieties and shapes such as bitter chocolate, extra bitter chocolate, bars, truffles, napolitains and pralines. The most popular of their products is the Amedei Porcelana which is also the most expensive chocolate.


The Amedei brand of chocolates was started in 1990 by the siblings Alessio and Cecilia Tessieri. Cecilia is the main chocolate maker while Alessio oversees the running of the business. They procure the best cocoa beans from Chuao which is a region in Venezuela and ensure that they do so each time from the same plantations to ensure consistent quality of chocolate.


The Amedei brand houses a wide variety of products which are:

  • Pralines – These are made with pure cocoa butter and natural vanillin instead of soy lecithin. Each one is hand-made and decorated one at a time. This includes Valentine Pralines, Truffle Box, Armonie Toscane, Meditation Praline Box and Praline Boxes in capacity of 3,5,16 or 25.

  • Amedei For You: Chocolate Drops - These are drop shaped chocolates with an intense flavour and a lingering taste. They come as White Chocolate Drops, Milk Chocolate Drops, and Dark Chocolate Drops.

  • Amedei For You: Tuscan Cream – These are cream spreads which are ideally used for breakfast as a spread, or alternatively used as an ingredient for desserts. This comes in two varieties – Crema Toscana Hazelnut Taste and Tuscan Cocoa Cream.

  • Amedei For You: Hot Chocolate – This is a hot chocolate under their brand which can be prepared with milk, as per one’s taste.

  • Chocolate Encounters – These are available in 500 grams bars and can be used for making desserts and puddings or relished directly from the pack. The varieties are Dark Chocolate Encounter, Milk White Chocolate Encounter, Milk Chocolate Encounter, Gianduja Hazelnut Chocolate Encounter, Dark Chocolate and Almond Encounter, Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Encounter, Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Encounter and White Chocolate and Hazelnut Encounter.

  • Tuscan Chocolate Squares – These are four chocolate squares with fillings and are available as White Chocolate with Pistachio and Cocoa Filling, Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Cream Filling, Milk Chocolate with Crunch Filling and 66 Dark Chocolate with Praline and Almond Filling.

  • Bar Chocolates - The bars come in many varieties and they are, Toscano Black 70 or Black 66 or Black 63 Extra Dark Chocolate, Toscano White Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Toscano Brown, Toscano Nut Brown Gianduja Hazelnut Chocolate, Milk White Chocolate with Pistachios, Dark Chocolate with Almonds, Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts, Toscano Blond 63 Extra Dark Chocolate with Peaches and Apricots or with Strawberries, Raspberries and Cherries, Porcelana, Chuao and many other variations in the 70 Extra Dark Chocolate.

  • Napolitains – These are packs of small square chocolates which come in Toscano Black 70 Individual or Toscano Brown Individual Chocolates, and Trinidad, Madagascar, Jamaica, Grenada, Ecuador and Venezuela Monocru.

  • Selections and Collections – These are family packs of assorted Amedei chocolates in different flavours and sizes.

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