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99 Schnapps

99 Schnapps is a brand of liquor produced by the Barton Brands, Ltd., which since 2009 has been a part of the Sazerac Company, based at Metairie, Louisiana. Barton Brands, Ltd. producing the 99 line of Schnapps, is originally the spirits segment of the parent company Constellation Brands, Inc. which was founded in 1945 by Marvin Sands.

Schnapps is a variety of alcoholic beverage that has been distilled. The word Schnapps has been derived from the German word Schnaps which means a strong alcoholic drink which contains atleast 32% alcohol by volume. Schnapps can be either German or American. While the German Schnaps is a clear and colourless beverage made out of fermented fruit but no added sugar; the American Schnapps has a distinct fruity flavour with added sugar and is generally made by mixing neutral grain spirit. The popular 99 Schnapps has a variety of flavours such as 99 Apples, 99 Bananas, 99 Oranges, 99 Grapes and so on.


99 Schnapps has various flavoured products, and these are :

  • 99 Apples – This is the apple flavoured schnapps. It has a fresh juicy appy taste which makes apple flavoured drinks, when added. Its intensity matches that of Vodka and other mixers. The exterior packaging has a bright green colour to lend the apple feel.

  • 99 Bananas – This is a banana flavoured schnapps. It is a fun drink with a smoothness and freshness in the drink. It is widely used in shooters or other mixed drinks. The exterior packaging and the label on the bottle has been done in yellow to match the fruit colour.

  • 99 Oranges – This is the orange flavoured schnapps. Orange being the third most preferred flavour in the world, is an excellent option for cocktails, juices and mixers. It has a fresh, tangy taste and even smells like a fresh orange. This is the newest addition to the 99 line of drinks. The packaging and labels are in the orange colour.

  • 99 Blackberries – This is the blackberry flavour schnapps, as is obvious from the name itself. This has a fine fruity, berry flavour as smooth and refreshing as its counterparts and equally popular in mixed drinks or shooters. The purple colour on the label and packaging matches the fruit colour.

  • 99 Peaches – This is peach flavoured and is now known as Barton Peach Schnapps. It is also very popular as a mix in other drinks.