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Bourbon is a kind of whisky, an alcoholic beverage. It is an American whisky which is made mainly from corn. Its name is derived from an area called Old Bourbon which is historically associated with it. It was first prepared at Old Bourbon which is now called as Bourbon County.

It is being produced in United States since 18th century.

Ingredients & Preparation

It is prepared from a mixture of grains called mash bill which contain corn (70%), wheat or rye (or both) and barley malt. It is distilled to 80-125 proof and has 40-62.5% Alcohol v/v respectively.

It can be labeled straight bourbon (without added color, flavor, or other spirits) or blended bourbon (contains added color, flavor, or other spirits but 51% of the total is straight bourbon)

It can be served straight, with water, with ice cubes, or with soda. It is used in cooking. Its flavor is similar to brandy that is why it can be used in place of brandy in many recipes. Traditionally, it was used for flavoring the desserts and other confectionery products. Now it is being used in barbecue sauces.

Health and Nutrition Facts

As per the nutrition point of view it has very little value. It does not contain appreciable quantities of – carbohydrates, fats, protein, minerals, vitamins or dietary fiber.

One jigger of Bourbon whisky contains roughly 42 g (as per USDA Database) which holds approximately 15g alcohol and the balance quantity is water 27g. It contains approximately 105 calories which comes solely from the alcohol. Bourbon has a little food value just because of the calories it derives from its alcohol content.

Benefits of Drinking Bourbon in Moderation

1. Drinking Bourbon in moderation has been considered good for health. Medical research has witnessed some scientific evidences which show that it can be associated to longer life span and better health.

2. It can reduce the risk of many heart diseases. It lowers the chances of stroke by 50% which is a main reason of death in some cases.

3. The risk of death at any age can be reduced up to 25%.

4. The chances of developing diabetes and dementia can be reduced up to 35% and 54% respectively.

Who should Avoid Drinking Bourbon?

1. Children should not consume it as it suppresses the CNS (Central Nervous System).

2. Pregnant women must avoid it.

3. People on alcohol/ bourbon restriction are recommended by their physicians to avoid bourbon..

4. People suffering from nervous disorders.