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Digestive Biscuit

Digestive biscuit, also known as sweet meal biscuit or digestives, is a crumbly textured cookie that is semisweet in taste. The biscuits are usually light brown in color and are said to have a good effect on digestion. Sweet meal biscuits are common in all the cuisines today but they were highly popular in United Kingdom for100 years after they were created for the first time.

History of Digestive Biscuit

The first digestive biscuit was made in 1800s by Alexander Grant, a McVitie’s Biscuits employee in Scotland. The biscuit was then sold as a health food as it had the antacid properties of baking soda. The earlier digestive biscuit was very much similar to graham cracker and had a nutty and rich flavor. The cookies became popular in year 1894 after the recipe for these got published in ‘New Universal Cookery Book’ by Cassell. The people of France refer to these biscuits as “Biscuits digestifs”, whereas in Spain, these are known as “Galleta integral”.

Digestive Biscuit Recipe- Method Of Preparation

The digestive cookies are made using whole wheat flour, wheat germ, soda, salt, milk powder, sugar, butter and vanilla extract. The dry ingredients are mixed well and butter is added to form a crumbly mixture. Water and vanilla extract is added and hard dough is formed. The dough, once ready, is rolled on baking sheet and baked. Once done, cookies are cut into desired shapes and served.

Serving And Eating Digestive Biscuits

Digestive cookies are usually eaten as a healthy snack and are mostly accompanied by warm milk, tea or coffee. Due to hard crust, these cookies are relished after dipping in tea and coffee. Children often enjoy the crumbly bites by spreading jam or cheese on its top. The cookies are also used in various recipes for cheese cakes due to their crispy crust.

Storing Sweet Meal Cookies

The biscuits can be easily stored in an air tight container for few weeks. The jar should be kept in dark and in a cool place free from humidity. The dough for the biscuits can be stored in freezer for two months.

Digestives- Health Benefits

Controls blood sugar- Regular intake of digestive cookies helps in increasing the blood glucose level, which further results in production of insulin and therefore control of blood sugar.

Provides fiber- The cookies are usually made of whole wheat and thus provide the body with fiber which helps in regular bowel movements.

Buying Digestives

The digestive cookies are available under various brand names all over the world. However, McVitie’s is the major manufacturer of these delicious biscuits and rules the market. While buying them, one must check for the date of manufacturing and expiry on the package. To check for broken digestive biscuits in the pack, the pack can be shaken.