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Weight Loss

Weight loss diet is a restricted diet where one needs live on certain kinds of food in order to lose weight. The main factor to consider in a weight loss process is “calories” and so, to lose the excess fat effectively, the dieter has to burn more calories. This is achieved by reducing the excess calorie intake by eating weight loss foods and beverages and facilitating further cutting down of the calories by burning them through regular physical activity. This calorie cutting diet comes in various forms. Some of these popular weight loss diet options are the low-carb diet, Mega-Bite Diet, Grapefruit Diet, Stillman Diet, Weight Watchers Diet, Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Flat Belly Diet, Glycemic Index Diet and Sonoma Diet. The common weight loss recipes include chickpea hummus, minty lime ice tea, Southwestern cornmeal muffins, fresh fruit kebabs and rice and beans salad.

Historical and Cultural Facts Related to the Origin of Weight Loss Food

Weight loss diet became popular only during the 1800s. To be precise, it was only around 1850, that Dr. Harvey suggested low carbohydrate diet to one of his patients named William Banting, who impressed with the dieting results went to author the “Letter on Corpulence Addressed to the Public” book. Since then, a number of weight loss diet options came into the scene and weight loss routines became most popular during the 1920s, when flappers began to inspire every woman. In 1949, when Twiggy became the most admired follower of weight loss diet, the “waif” look or the supermodel look of today gained a lot of popularity. Today, there are some hundred fad diets that stress on weight loss recipes.

Dietary Laws Governing Weight Loss Recipes

The main dietary law that governs all weight loss diet plans is the burning of calories and each diet has its own way of achieving this goal. While some diets prefer to cut down on the amount of food consumption, there are diets which stress more on foods belonging to a certain nutrition group (mostly protein) while avoiding the other nutrition sources like fats or carbohydrates or both. Besides, there are weight loss diet routines which permit the consumption of only one or two special weight loss foods like in the case of pineapple diet, grapefruit diet and the likes. Even though there are plenty of low calorie dieting choices, a balanced meal plan is considered crucial in losing the fat in a healthy manner. So, a healthy balanced weigh loss diet should encourage portion control and intake of healthy weight loss foods along with regular physical exercise. Generally, a weight loss meal plan prohibits the consumption of fats and carbohydrates, which contribute to weight gain. The foods which are stressed upon in these weight loss diet regimes include lean meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy and healthy fats and oils.

Diet Routine Based on Weight Loss Recipes

A typical weight loss diet menu contains the following recipes –

  • Breakfast – Turkey/Chicken quesadilla served with a tomatillo salsa dip.
  • Lunch – Chicken Caesar Salad dressed with grated parmesan cheese and red wine risotto.
  • Snacks – Vanilla and hazelnut custard, Bruschetta with mozzarella and garlic puree.
  • Dinner – Whole bell pepper stuffed with a filling of sun dried tomatoes and chick peas.
  • Dessert – Gelato, chocolate covered bananas and butternut squash flan.
  • Beverages – Herbal green tea, Chamomile tea, warm lemon-honey drink

Since each person has a different weight, so the weight loss food to be eaten should be in accordance to the individual dietary needs and can be best determined by an expert nutritionist.

Too much dieting or following an extreme weight loss diet can lead to health deterioration and causes severe disorders, which in rare cases may even lead to death.

Health Value of Weight Loss Foods

A balanced weight loss diet brings lots of good health. If healthy weight loss recipes are used in the meal plan, then the diet can improve the survival of patients suffering from obesity related diseases, most notably type 2 diabetes. Moreover, a weight loss within 4.4 lb to 9.7 lb is considered to lower high blood pressure significantly in that individual. Also, if overweight asthma patients can lose an average of 31.3 pounds within a year following weight loss diet, then, it can improve their overall health and lung function. With weight loss, their exacerbations and courses of oral corticosteroids can also be reduced. Also, weight loss diet is much recommended for obese or overweight people, so that they get a healthy and shapely body and keep away diseases like type 2 diabetes, blood pressure problems and heart diseases. Weight loss diet has also been found to be beneficial in patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, as in a study it was revealed that even the patients who lost 10% of their weight began to experience less daytime sleepiness and showed better sleep patterns.

Weight Loss Food Trivia

Americans spend $40 billion annually on weight loss diet plans.