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Mushroom Basket With Beet Tulips And Mini Vegetable Flowers

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Mushroom Basket With Beet Tulips And Mini Vegetable Flowers is a wonderful centerpiece that adds an element of elegance and class to your party spread. I took some time on this one for my husbands promotion party but it was really worth it! Try the Mushroom Basket With Beet Tulips And Mini Vegetable Flowers!
  Mushroom 250 Gram (1 Basket)
  Potatoes 3 (Any Kind)
  Parsley 8 Bunch (800 gm) (Curly Variety)
  Beets 5 (About 2.5 To 3 Inches In Diameter)
  Scallions 300 Gram (With Long Greens, 2 Large Bunches)
  Enoki mushrooms package 10 Ounce (1 Package)

Place the potatoes on the bottom of the mushroom basket.
Add the parsley bunches, packing them in fairly tightly.
make the tulips Trim and peel the beets with a vegetable scraper.
Pare the plain end into a slight point.
Reserve the greens for another arrangement, if desired .
Cup the beet in the palm of your hand.
With a small paring knife, carefully make an incision the length of the beet almost to the bottom, cutting in at a 45-degree angle, and cutting about 1/2 to 3/4 inch deep (see illustration).
Make a second incision about 1/8 inch to the right and cut until this incision joins the first, removing a small wedge of beet.
Make the next incision about 3/4 inch to the right and repeat the smaller cut next to it.
Continue in the same manner around the beet, removing about 7 wedges in all.
The wedges should all come together at the top of the beet.
Once all the wedges have been removed, reinsert your knife in back of each petal, and gently work the knife down in back of the petal in front of it, to loosen each petal from the core of the beet.
Place the beet in cold water while carving the others.
Assemble the basket Insert a 12-inch skewer into each tulip.
Cut the green portions from the seal-lion.
(Reserve the white part for cooking.) Slide a straw on each skewer, and then the scallion.
Stick the tulip well into the potato base.
To make leaves, slit a 6 inch length of scallion.
Trim 1 end into a point, and curl it back.
Attach it with a straight pin near where the tulip goes through the parsley.
Repeat with the other tulips.
Break the enoki mushrooms into clusters, and slip them into the parsley.
Attach the miniature squash to the smaller skewers, and position them in the parsley, as well.
Once the arrangement is assembled, mist the parsley often to keep it looking perky before placing it on the table.
The beets and squash may be brushed with a little vegetable oil to give them a nice luster.
If preparing this several hours ahead, drape plastic bags over the arrangement to prevent drying out.

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