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Chilled Beet Kvaas – Part 1 – Cutting the Beets

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Aaron takes you through how to make your own delicious probiotic drink ...
  Beet roots 3 Medium
  Beetroots 3 Medium

Peel the skin of the beet root.

Cut it into small pieces and keep inside a bottle.

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Very Easy
If you want to make a probiotic drink at home, try Chilled Beet Kvaas recipe video. This video has two parts. This is the first part of the video which talks about the nutritional benefits of beets and begins with preparing the dish. This drink helps increase the nutritional density in your diet.

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cut to the chase. this is an easy recipe. too long for too little
Chilled Beet Kvaas – Part 1 – Cutting The Beets Recipe Video