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Top 10 Low Calorie Beers

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A warm, sunny afternoon, leisure time in your hand, all you need is a large mug of chilled beer, and the day would be perfect. Can those who are trying to restrict their calorie intake plan such a day knowing beer is loaded with calories? Why not! The beverage industry has an optimum solution for it – low calorie beer. It tastes great, and has half the calories compared to regular beer. Here is a list of beers that won’t affect you waistline, indulge!


Low Calorie Beers


  1. Budweiser Select 55: This beverage has the lowest calorie content among all beers available in the market. At 55 cal per 100ml, it has a 3% alcohol content, and a crisp smooth flavour, definitely a weight watcher choice.
  2. Miller Genuine Draft 64: MGD 64 has a finish of a light beer, is superior in taste, and gives Budweiser  a stiff competition as it contains on 64 calories (per 100ml).
  3. Beck’s Premier Light: With an alcohol content of 3%, it is definitely one of the most sought after light beer because of its taste. This alcoholic beverage delivers in terms of calories too, just 64 cal in 100 ml,
  4. Pearl Light: Light on calories (68/100ml), and heavy on flavour. This lager-style beer, is pale yellow color and high carbonation and preferred by many as it is inexpensive too. The alcohol content however ranges around 3%
  5. Blatz Light Beer: Produced by American macro brewery, Blatz Light contains 85 calories per 100ml serving. Although, low on the calorie front , but the taste and the finish nowhere close to the top 4.
  6. Aspen edge: It happens to be low in carbs, even though the alcohol percent is higher (4.1%). It tastes almost like regular beer, but contains only 94 calories (per 100ml),
  7. Paulaner Original Munchner Leicht: German by origin this brew does not pose a huge challenge to your diet as it contains only 95 calories per 100 ml serving. It p[ale yellow in color and has no off side flavours.
  8. Amstel Light: The number 8 spot goes to amstel which gives 95 calories. This brew is readily available, Dutch lager-style beer quite popular among beer seekers trying to manage their intake.
  9. Michelob Ultra: This beer has been topping the low calorie brew charts since 1978. It is low in carbs, thus provided 95 calories per 100ml drink. The taste of this beverage has been well appreciated too.
  10. Natural Light: A lager style beer containing only 95 cals it is well sought after by someone posed with a dietary challenge. It is inexpensive, tastes good, and goes down easy and smooth.


Let it be regular or light beer moderation is essential not only to manage weight but also experience the benefits of this brew. To add variety to you low calorie alcoholic drinks list read our article.


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Top 10 Low Calorie Beers