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How To Decode The Shelf Life Of Beer

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DrinksYou can decode shelf life of beer by following the simple steps given here. Before decoding shelf life of beer one has to consider various factors since the date mentioned in the bottle are always not accurate. Yeast is the key ingredient used to prepare beer and it is the one that contributes to the alcohol content of the beverage. So every beer bottle comes with an expiry date.


Follow the instructions to decode shelf life of beer

Check Best by date

While buying beer bottle check the “bottled on" or “best by" date. The "best by” date would provide the required information. In case only the “bottled on” date is found, it would be coupled with “drink by" date or with a notch on the label. Also the way of storage of the beer determines the accuracy of the "best by" date. If proper storage steps are not followed, then the “best by “date found on the bottle would not help you. Beer should be stored at a standard temperature of 40 degrees; only for those you can rely on "best by" date. Beer exposed to altering temperature loses its freshness well before the "best by" date. However, storing beer in cold temperature reduces the oxidation process, so it keeps the beer fresh for a long period.

Store beer in a dark place

To decode shelf life of beer, store it in a dark place. UV light rays can also alter the taste of the beer. Beers stored in clear or green bottles are more likely to get affected than the beer in cans. When exposed to UV light, it becomes "skunky", storing in a darker place lengthens shelf life past its "drink by" date.

Packaging Beer Bottles

The right type of packaging would help to keep them for long. Beer bottles that are packaged in six packs or cases with proper sealing prevent the escape of air from the bottles. This does not allow the beer to go flat. In case you buy beer from any bar or brewery or at "Growlers" ensure to use it within a week as the caps are not so tight.

Choose the one which is bottle conditioned; these types has a longer shelf life as yeast uses the leftover oxygen in the bottle.

Beer’s ABV

Beer's ABV also plays important role in decoding shelf life of the beer. Usually higher alcohol content beer has a longer life. Also these are stored for extended period past their "sell by" date. One of the good examples for this type is Barley wine.

Whenever you like to decode shelf life of the beer, stick to the given instructions.

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How To Decode The Shelf Life Of Beer