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How To Increase Alcohol Content In Homebrew Beer

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So you are fond of homebrewing and want to increase alcohol content in your beer? Increasing alcohol content in your homebrew beer aneed not be an arduous task. There are a few ways to do it when you are tired ending up with mediocre beer after using just one kit.  



So how to increase alcohol content in homebrew beer? Here are a few tips:


  • There is no other better way to increase alcohol content in homebrew beer than to start with more malt. You need a higher starting gravity and also the type of use you use matters. Use attenuative yeast.


  • Talking about yeast, if you need to increase alcohol content in beer you would have to feed your yeast with more sugar that is fermentable. This type of sugar is available in ingredients namely honey, molasses, malt, corn sugar and corn syrup. Increasing the quantity of any of these ingredients to your wort will increase the alcohol content in your beer. But do not overdo it, which will be potentially dangerous.


  • It’s also widely not recommended to increase the alcohol content in homebrew beer after the fermentation process has started because doing so might introduce oxygen in your beer.


  • Basically, the more malt is added in your wort, the more alcohol content your homebrew beer will have. It’s true that more malt is equivalent to more potential alcohol.


  • Be careful not to add too much sugar. It will ruin the taste of the beer. You can add corn sugar in place of regular sugar but add it with care and do not overdo it.


  • Another option to increase alcohol content in your homebrew beer is to brew it for longer. It is said that the longer you brew; chances are that more amount of sugar will be converted into alcohol.


  • Get hardier yeast that would survive in higher concentrations of alcohol. Mostly, the yeast dies of in higher concentrations of alcohol, leaving you with shoddy tasting beer. Select a high-gravity yeast for your brewing


  • At the end of the day, do not make very high gravity beers. You might as well drink whiskey if you want to get knocked off.


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i make beer with bakers yeast coz brewers yeast is not available here. taste dosent comes good its verry sourish what should i do ?please help.