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How To Handle Overcarbonated Beer Bottles

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How to handle overcarbonated bottles of beer might seem a tough task for some of us. In reality knowing the way to handling beer bottles and the tricks to handle the problem of over carbonation can ease the entire tension and may earn extra credit for you as an efficient homemaker. The problem of overcarbonation often occurs during home brewing process. Overcarbonation of beer causes over foaming and spoils taste and beer quality. Therefore, it is important to know the tricks of managing overcarbonation issue in case home brewed beers become overcarbonated.

Managing overcarbonation issue

  • Take the beer bottles near a sink or place them inside a tub; when you will open the capes, the foam will otherwise will make the whole floor messy and in all cases the beer foams will flow up and spill around. You have to be tricky enough to open the seal in one time.
  • You need to cover the bottle covers either using a plastic wrapper or an aluminum foil. You have to allow the bottles to sit for a few minutes, once the over carbonation is flowed out, press the fresh cap on the bottle and place the bottle for freezing.
  • If the beer gets excessive carbonated, then you have to allow the bottle to sit for merely one hour. After that you can recap it in fresh way and then place it in freeze for cooling.

  • While you will be recapping the bottles you need to use fresh caps and preferably caps should be  thoroughly sterilized before use. You can use boiling method for sterilization. Otherwise there is high chance that the beers in the bottles may become contaminated. Consumption of contaminated beer may prove dangerous for health.
  • The beers should be properly freezed before consumption. If the problem of overcabonation had occurred due to mal proportion of sugar level, the problem will surely get fixed. However if the problem of over carbonation occurs due to entry of wild yeast, hardly the problem can be managed because the left over residue of yeast procures carbon-dioxide on and on and damages the taste of the bottled beer. In this case it is better to consume the beers as early as sensibly possible.

Home brewing of beer is a great idea but you have to take care of the proportion of sugar and yeast. Otherwise the problem of overcarbonation may occur repeatedly.

Hope these tricks will help you now to handle overcarbonated bottles at your stock.

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How To Handle Overcarbonated Beer Bottles