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Would You Taste These 3 Beers If Asked

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People have been experimenting with beers for years now. Sometimes they even come up with some really bizzar flavours. Though you might want to taste these three beers, you might not get a chance to do so, owing to their rarity.


White House Honey Ale: During the Super Bowl party that was hosted at the White House by the Obama family, President Obama sampled a new beer. This was prepared using honey from the official White House Bee Hive and the beer was made by a chef at the White House, who is known for his home brewing skills. While this was being prepared, all expenses were paid by the first family to avoid taxing the nation. This is one of the three beers you would never taste, not unless you run for the President and win it too.


Sink the Bismarck: It is said that this beer, made by the Scottish company called BrewDog, is so strong that one gulp is enough to put you over the legal limit to drive in the UK. As this beer contains about 41 percentage of alcohol it can only be had in very small quantities. They even have a resealable cap on this bottle. This is a rather pricy beer, at 55 pounds for a 330ml.


Unnamed Beer From 19th Century Shipwreck: Recenty a 19th Century schooner wreck was discovered over the coast of Finland, and the scientist also uneatherd five bottles of beer from the wreakage. When the VTT Technical Research Center sampled the beer, they mentioned that it was sour and salty. Scientists plan to unearth the ingredients used to make this beer so that it can be reproduced in modern time, and until this happens, this beer will remain as one of the three beers you would never taste.


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Would You Taste These 3 Beers If Asked