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Top 6 Beers To Celebrate This Season

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Here is a list of the top 6 beers to cebrate this season  with scs.  with.


This is the best time for beer drinkers. The time of seasonal brews and many many parties...  This is also the season of experiments, when people try all sorts of permutations and combinations whole brewing their beer. From spice and cloves to sweets and high alcohol, content, the list is endless. But here is our pick of the best craft brews.


A black lager for a holday beer is a good idea. The Magic hat’s black lager is dark, but it has a light body and a lower level of ABV (4.6%). It is flavoured with toffee and coffee that is roasted, but it also happens to be a rather smooth drink.


Now the Rogue's winter beer is a lot like the amber ale, with its apple, pine and spruce taste. It is red in colour and is balanced and has about six percent ABV, but a medium body.


The Anderson Valley Brewing Company's Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale is milder than most American lagers. It tastes a bit of the vanilla and some spices used in baking. It could be cinnamon and orange peel, but that is what makes the beer mellow. But it is also strong as it has about 6.9 per cent of alcohol beverage volume (ABV).


Wassail has been around since 1988, and it is brewed by Hood River, Oregon's Full Sail brewery. This might not be what is called the holiday ale, and sure don’t uses cloves and cinnamons to get the perfect taste. The drink has a creamy body and is a dark mahogany shade, with a texture of a stout. It even has a high alcohol volume, which promises that sweet numbness.


Summit’s Winter Ale is a drink by St Paul’s and it is locally known for its rock-solid and easy drinking texture. It has a chocolaty aroma and tastes of cinnamons and nutmegs, and the flavours linger in the mouth long after one has had a drink. It is mellow and sweet without being spicy.


The English style ale from San Francisco, is strong and dark and at the same time lightly sweet. It has an ashy after taste and has about 7.5 % ABV, which means the ash taste won’t be felt for long.


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Top 6 Beers To Celebrate This Season