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Types Of American Beer

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American Beer is now synonymous to good beer but its journey through history has been difficult. Yet, today there are various types of American beer under various brand names like Budweiser, Coors Light and Old Milwaukee. Though mankind started brewing beer from 4000 BC, new types are still being developed, especially in America. Here are the main types of American beer:


FYI: Beer types or styles are determined by the overarching character, flavor and distinctiveness of a particular beer.


  1. American Ale - The American ale has a high malt and hop content and it has a particular fruity or nutty taste. There are various types of American ale and two of them are the American Pale Ale and the American Indian Pale Ale.The American pale ale has a floral and citrus-like flavor which gives it a fruity taste. The APA has a medium strength of body and low maltiness which makes the ale crisp and gives it a clean taste and a rich creaminess. The American Pale Ale has about 3 to 4 percent alcohol content. Diacetyl, which adds a butterscotch-like flavor to the beer , is absent or entirely missing from the American pale ale. The second type is the American-style Indian pale ale which is similar to American pale ale in the fact that it also has a fruity, floral and citrus overtone but at teh same time it has a very crisp and dry taste. The American style Indian Pale Ale is pale gold to deep amber in color and has a strong, flowery hop flavor and aroma. The medium maltiness and bodyof AIPA is combined with an alcohol content of five to six percent. The ale has a very small percentage of Diacetyl.The other type of American ales includes Amber ales, brown ales and barley wines. 
  2. American Lager - The American Lager is less bitter and is made from thinner malts. As compared to ales the beer has a lower alcohol content (about 3 percent). Crisp and clean, the American lager is highly carbonated, and has multiple flavors.  There is no single flavor or scent that dominates the taste of the beer. American Lager is mostly brewed from corn and rice and has a mild maltiness. This beer is usually not bitter and has a very light hop taste. Many types of lagers are produced in America and the standard lagers have a pale yellow to deep gold color. In addition to standard lagers, a couple of light lagers are also produced in Ameica. These usually have lower calories. The other types of lagers include, dark lagers, dry beers which have a low alcohol content and finally premium lagers which are a little thicker and hoppier than standard lagers.
  3. American Stout Beer - The American stout beers have a sweet, medium malt flavor with chocolate, caramel and roasted coffee undertones. A medium, full bodied beer, the American stout beer has got a distinctive dry and bitter aftertaste. They are usually never fruity flavored and doesn’t have any diacetyl in them. The percentage of alcohol in the American stouts range from 4.5 to 7 percent by volume.
  4. California Common Beer - The Californian Common beer is native to America and has its roots in the gold rush of the mid-19th century. A combination of lager and ale brewing techniques are employed to bre stout beers  and they tend to be straw like in color. The California Common Beer tastes similar to lager, but has the greater complexity of ales.
  5. Wheat Beers - A popular American beer the wheat beer is one of the new beer types. The wheat beer has a grainy taste and a noticeable wheat aroma. They are usually light in color but darker types are also available and they are often flavored with fruits and esters.

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Types Of American Beer