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Organic Beef Jerky

Organic beef jerky is beef jerky made from organ beef i.e., meat grown and processed as per the organic food principles. Beef jerky is beef which has been trimmed of all the fat, cut into thin strips, marinated and dried or smoked under low heat. Sometimes, the meat is simply salted and then sun-dried.

Beef jerky made from organic meat is widely considered a much healthier alternative to jerky made from meat which is grown with artificial hormones and treated with synthetic processes. In order to be branded 'organic', the meat must pass all the strict regulations of the USDA. It is only after a variety has been USDA certified that it qualifies as organic.

Beef jerky processed from organic meat is often sweet. Depending upon how it has been processed, however, the meat can also be savory or semi-sweet.

Culinary Uses of Beef Jerky Made from Organic Meat

The taste of organic beef jerky is similar to that of beef jerky made from traditionally reared and processed meat. Therefore, in dishes, the two can be used interchangeably. The flavor is not affected and the preparation turns out to be healthier. Beef jerky is most widely consumed as a snack and the organic variety, salted or otherwise, has also become a popular snack in today's times. The meat is also used in salads and other culinary preparations where traditional beef jerky is used.

Buying and Storing Organic Beef Jerky

The organic variety of beef jerky can be purchased online as well as through special seller and in marked stores. Manufacturers of the meat snack and ingredient strictly recommend buying only from trusted sources to ensure that only genuine products are being purchased. Sellers and manufacturers generally mark their products with special labels to differentiate them from counterfeits. It is, however, important to either buy directly from the company or through a certified seller to avoid frauds.

Organic beef jerky is stored just like traditional beef jerky. It is kept in a cool, dry place, or in the refrigerator, preferably in an air tight container.