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Leftover Beef Tenderloin

Leftover beef tenderloin is a popular preparation in the US and Europe, where leftovers of the previous day’s tenderloin is used for making various dishes. This part of the beef is also known as “eye fillet” in Australia and New Zealand and as “filet” in Germany and France. Tenderloin is that part of the beef that lay below the ribs and beside the backbone and is very tender. The beef tenderloin is a big chunk of meat that is usually grilled, broiled or roasted and is moist (full of juices) even after it is cooked. The leftovers can be ideally used the next day by spicing it up to result in some delicious dishes. Chili beef tenderloin leftovers, Philly Sandwich a la Grill and Beef Tenderloin Bagel with Mozzarella are a few popular preparations using the leftovers.


There is no recorded evidence of the origin of leftover beef tenderloin dishes; however, the trend of using leftovers has been there for a very long time and it gained popularity with using the roasts made during Thanksgiving and Christmas, the next day. Though, initially only turkey and chicken sandwiches were a common sight on the day after the occasion, today there are a variety of preparations that use leftovers.

Popular Leftover Beef Tenderloin Recipes

Leftover beef tenderloin recipes are popular in America and Europe and detailed here are a couple of such preparations-

  • Chili Beef Tenderloin Leftovers – This hot and spicy Mexican dish is a wonderful treat, especially for those who like spicy food. Trimmed tenderloin pieces can be used for this preparation which gets its spiciness from chipotle chili that is generally available in the market, canned in adobo sauce. The amount of sauce can be adjusted as per individual taste. Seared or grilled tenderloin leftovers are cooked in the sauce and salt is adjusted to taste. It makes a wonderful accompaniment with rice.
  • Philly Sandwich a la Grill – This delicious sandwich is made with leftover beef tenderloin which is sliced and cooked on a grill along with slices of onion, green and red pepper. Worcestershire sauce along with salt and pepper add a wonderful flavor to the meat. The cooked meat and vegetables are served with toasted bread or sub-bun. Provolone cheese adds a delicious flavor to the sandwich.
  • French Leftover Beef – This simple French preparation is made by simmering leftover beef in beef broth and sautéed onions and flour that has been spiced with tomato paste, sweet paprika, red wine vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper. Dry vermouth adds a wonderful flavor to the dish. This dish is usually accompanied by a green salad and cheese toasts.

Beef Tenderloin Bagel with Mozzarella, Pot pie with roasted veggies and Pasta with vegetables, parmesan cheese and the leftover of beef tenderloin are other delicious preparations of leftover beef tenderloin.

Nutrition Facts

Beef tenderloin is a rich source of vitamins (B12, Niacin, B6, riboflavin, E, K and folate). It is also rich in minerals that include zinc, phosphorus, selenium, potassium, iron and traces of calcium, sodium, copper and manganese. This part of beef is also high in cholesterol.


Beef tenderloin is sold as “peeled” and “unpeeled”. While “peeled” refers to the meat where the fat is removed with the silver skin intact; “unpeeled” refers to meat that has the fat and skin in place. Both these versions of the beef are sold and used in various leftover beef tenderloin recipes.