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Kosher Beef

Kosher Beef is a special type of beef slaughtered according to the Jewish tradition. The Jewish festival of Hanukkah along with the other traditional festivals of the community feature a number of kosher beef recipes which are prepared according to the instructions laid down by the Torah, a holy book of the Jews across the world. The preparation of the kosher beef is not taken lightly and strict observance for the religious rituals is mandatory while trying to follow the beef recipes.

While the Jewish law endorses eating of animals that chew the cud, cattle killed by other animals or those that die of natural causes are strictly forbidden to the Jews. Kosher beef recipes also do not recommend eating of beef that is from diseased cattle or from physically flawed animals.

The slaughtering of the cow holds special significance as the kosher beef is supposed to be from the flesh of a cow that has been killed by means of a very sharp blade moved rapidly across the throat. A number of kosher recipes insist on the blood being drained completely according to the tradition before it can be cooked for consumption.

History of Kosher Beefs

The Torah has passages describing the methods to be followed in order to make the meat kosher. Kosher beef first found mention in the holy Torah around 1275 AD indicating the time of origin of the practice.

However, the Torah is certainly not the last word on kosher beef. Several interpretations by the Rabbis followed afterwards and there was much discussion on the acceptable ways of slaughter, draining of the blood as well as separation of milk and meat in the kosher beef recipes.

The Shearith Israel was the only synagogue to sell kosher beef in America during the 1800s.

The Concept Of Kosher BeefIn Different Cuisines

It is mostly the Jews who follow their religious laws and prefer eating kosher beef. However, the practice varies from sect to sect even among the Jews as they differ considerably in their interpretation of the religion.

Orthodox Jews follow the recipes strictly while the reform Jews do not think it mandatory to follow the dietary rules hence kosher beef is not a must for them.

Popular Kosher Beef Recipes

Kosher beef recipes are enjoyed by the Jews all over the world and the non –Jewish people are increasingly being attracted to the scrumptious dishes as well. Here is a list of some of the most loved kosher beef dishes that the Jews cannot do without.

  • Beef stew- A delicious stew made of kosher beef and vegetables.
  • Pot Roast- A popular dish made of braised beef.
  • Corned Beef- Dish created with beef cured with brine.
  • Beef Brisket- A Hanukkah special dish prepared by using one of the primary cuts of beef which makes use of the muscle meat predominantly.
  • Prime Ribs- A dish of roast beef prepared from the primal cut which includes the ribs of cattle.

Kosher Beef: Trivia

A rabbi does not have to bless the slaughtered meat in order to make it kosher beef.

The utensils for trying out these beef recipes need to be kosher as well.