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Brawn is one of the best Veal Foreshank dishes that I've ever tried out! Try the Brawn to see what I mean and let me know if you agree with me!
  Veal foreshank 1 , sawn in slices
  Corned brisket 1 1⁄2 Pound (On The Bone)
  Salt pork 8 Ounce
  Whole allspice 3
  Peppercorns 6
  Fresh bay leaf 1
  Parsley sprigs 3
  Stalk celery 1 , cut into 3 pieces
  Onion 1 Large, sliced
  Carrot 1 Large, sliced
  Gelatin 2 Tablespoon
  Vinegar To Taste
  Salt To Taste

Rinse meats, place in saucepan and just cover with water.
Add remaining ingredients except gelatine, vinegar and salt.
Bring to boil slowly, skimming when necessary.
Cover and simmer for 2 1/2 hours or until meats are tender.
Strain stock through muslin into a bowl and refrigerate to set fat for easy removal.
Dice all lean pieces of meat and set aside.
Discard fat, bones and flavoring ingredients.
Remove fat from stock.
Measure 3 cups into a clean pan, heat a little if it has 'gelled'.
Dissolve gelatine in 1/4 cup of stock over hot water, add to stock with meat.
Add vinegar and salt to taste.
Pour into a mold (first rinsed in water) and refrigerate until set.

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Brawn Recipe