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Ground beef may either be ground round steak, ground chuck or beef trimmings ground with some of the less tender cuts such as flank, shank or neck.
"Ground round" and "ground chuck" are always labeled as such and cost more than the other, which is known variously as "hamburger" or "ground beef." Hamburger contains more fat, and therefore loses more weight during cooking.
Ground beef is one of the most versatile meat purchases.
It may be pan-broiled, broiled, braised or baked.
It is economical, particularly as it lends well to "stretching" with various other ingredients to make interesting main courses.
Ground beef is ideal for use in a hearty sauce for spaghetti or rice; in baked pies with pastry, biscuit or potato toppings; teamed with kidney beans in chili con came; or as stuffing with such baked vegetables as peppers and squash.
Do not overcook ground beef.
High temperatures cause meat to harden and lose flavor.
Warning: Ground beef is very perishable.
It should be refrigerated and used within 1—2 clays.
For a longer period, it should be wrapped in freezer paper and frozen.
If you are freezing a quantity of ground meat to be used later in patties, shape patties beforefreezing.
Separate with layers of waxed paper; then wrap for the freezer.

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