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Rice Bar

Rice bar, also referred to as rice crispy bar or rice cereal bar, is a type of breakfast bar. It is also a snack food popular in U.S.A. It is primarily made of rice cereal. It is a rectangular bar and its texture varies from crunch to soft chewy.


Rice crispy bars were promoted by Kelloggs to promote their product Rice Krispies cereal.

Ingredients and Preparation

Rice crispy or crisped rice is the main ingredient for making rice bar. Other ingredients like sugar, butter, honey, marshmallow are also used. Inclusions like dried berries, nuts, peanut butter can also be added to enhance the flavor and nutritive value of the bar.

Sugar, Honey and butter are heated in a saucepan. It is heated till sugar melts completely and starts bubbling. Mixture of rice crispy along with the other ingredients is added to the bar and mixed. This mixture is spooned into a greased baking pan. It can be cooked in the oven at low temperature if required. It is cut into rectangles or squares and stored in an air tight container.


· Rice bar is most popularly served as a tiffin snack.

· It can also be served as breakfast along with milk and fruits.

Health and Nutrition Facts

Serving size – 1 bar (37 g)

Calories – 153 cal, Fat -3.3 g, Sodium – 130 mg, Total carbohydrates – 29 g, Sugar – 10 g, Protein – 1.3 g

· Rice bar is low in calories and fat. It is also low in sodium but high in sugar. It can make a good breakfast when served with banana and milk as banana is high in potassium which will negate the sodium ions.

· The sugar can be reduced or replaced for health conscious persons and weight watchers. Artificial or natural zero calories sweeteners can be used to lower the calorific value of the bar.

· Ingredients like whole grains can be added to increase the fiber content.

· Nuts, dried berries and seeds are a good source of antioxidants. They should be used generously.