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Oatmeal Bar

Oatmeal bars are solid rectangular or square oatmeal preparations generally made sweet and preserved for a few days. Oatmeal bars are widely consumed as breakfast substitutes owing to their high food value. They are very similar to granola bars.

Ingredients and Preparation

Rolled oats are the main ingredient of oatmeal bars. Other ingredients like walnuts, pecans, macadamia, hazelnuts, dried fruits like apricots, cranberries, raisins and sultanas, oil seeds like flax seed, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame, etc can be used to enhance the nutritional value of the bar. Sugar, honey, milk, butter are used to bind the mixture.

All the ingredients are mixed together and spooned and pressed into a baking tin. The mixture is baked at 180 degrees C for about 20 minutes. It is cut into pieces and cooled on a wire rack. When completely cool, it can be stored in an airtight container.


· Oatmeal bar is served as a part of the breakfast.

· It can also be used as a meal replacement food by weight watchers and dieters.


· Fortified oatmeal bar can be made by enriching the bar with vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids.

Health and Nutrition Facts

Quaker oatmeal bars

Serving size – 60 g bar

Calories – 210 cal, Fat – 4 g, Sugars – 19 g, Protein – 4 g, Total carbohydrates – 43 g, Sodium – 70 mg

· Oatmeal bar is not high in calories and fat if used as a breakfast replacement. It can be accompanied with fresh fruit.

· It is very high in sugars and about 48% calories are contributed from sugar. Sugar can be reduced partially or completely replaced with zero calorie sweeteners.

· The fiber content can be increased by adding wheat germs or wheat bran.

· Oatmeal is considered very good for health. Regular consumption can help to lower the bad cholesterol in the body. It has fat binding properties which helps to reduce weight quickly.

· It gives a feeling of satiety and keeps away food craving for a longer period.

· It is a rich source of plant lignans which protect the heart.

· It is suitable for people suffering from celiac disease and can’t digest gluten. It is a gluten free option.