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Coconut Bar

Coconut Bar is a refrigerated dim sum dessert commonly found in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southern China and in Chinatowns across the world. A sweet and soft dessert, the dish is actually a coconut milk cake and white in color. Although the recipe is more-or-less similar everywhere, the fact that the dish is prepared in so many parts of the world has led to some variations in ingredients used.

Although not really a pudding, the bar is sometimes referred to as Coconut Pudding.

Origin of the Coconut Bar

Apart from the fact that the dish has its origin in China and is a popular dessert of the region, little is known about the actual and specific origination.

Coconut Bar Recipe- Ingredients

The traditional ingredients used in a Coconut Bar simply make use of shredded coconut, coconut milk, sugar and oil. There are versions of the dish which call for use of condensed milk, milk powder, evaporated milk, egg yolks, etc. Optional ingredients for preparation of the sweet include chocolate, butter and lime juice, to name a few.

Coconut Bar Recipe- Preparation

Coconut milk is the main ingredient and it is set with a mixture of wheat starch and corn starch. Alternatively, a mix of agar-agar and gelatin can also be used to set the milk. It is then sweetened and the dessert is ready. Depending upon individual preparations, chocolate or lime juice can be mixed with coconut milk or the bar can be garnished with dried coconut. The traditional dim sum version does not have any filling.

Serving and Eating the Bar

As the dish is a dessert, it is generally served after a meal and depending upon individuals’ preferences, Coconut Bar can be consumed slightly warm, at room temperature or cold. It can be topped with sauces or consumed with chocolate. Traditionally, the preparation is to be consumed as it is.

Health and Nutrition Facts of Coconut Bar

Being a dessert, the bar contains sugar; and based on what recipe has been followed, it can also be rich in chocolate, flour or other ingredients which are high in calorie and fat content. Therefore, the dish is not suitable for obese people and those suffering from heart problems, diabetes and high cholesterol. However, by making a few changes in the recipe being followed, the dessert can be made suitable for consumption, albeit in controlled quantities. Sugar can be replaced with artificial sweeteners and diet chocolate can be used to make the Coconut Bar.