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Launching Yoga for Foodies - a Weekly Meetup in NYC

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Yes - you read that right - "Yoga for foodies". I am an avid yoga enthusiast and also a foodie. So what better than to combine the two and make a fun friday night out event. The basic idea is simple – we go out every friday evening to do some yoga to burn off all the toxins accumulated from the week and to relieve the stress and give the body some much needed stretching (so you can be ready for a big weekend). And after a good class of yoga, to treat ourselves to a hearty dinner and chat with friends in a local restaurant. This is part of our endeavor to promote yoga through and local yoga studios. 

So starting today - yes today - February 3, 2012 we are kicking off the first "Yoga for Foodies" (click the link for all details) meetup in NYC in partnership with the newly opened Makara Studio for Yoga, Pilates and Bellydancing in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (it is perhaps the prettiest studio in the big apple). See the picture of the studio front

So if you are in NYC and are wondering what to do on this gorgeous day then just come on over to Makara Studio by 6.45 pm. We will be posting the plan for the next 3-4 "Yoga for Foodies" meetups 


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Launching Yoga For Foodies - A Weekly Meetup In NYC