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Stuffed Banana

Stuffed banana is a sweet dish prepared by filling banana with several ingredients often consisting of chocolate and chopped nuts. There are a few recipe variations of the dish, which are often explained in terms of use of distinct stuffing ingredients. Dark and slightly bitter chocolate along with chopped nuts is often considered to be a classic banana stuffing mix, thus helping to give a nice crunchy bite. A few recipes suggest using chocolate chips or milk chocolate in place of dark colored chocolate. Further, raisins or dates are also stuffed in bananas at times for enhanced flavor and added chewiness.

Though, it is preferred to bake the dish in oven, however a few recipes also suggest making it in microwave or cooking it on a grill.

Commonly Used Ingredients and Preparation Overview of Stuffed Bananas

The simplest stuffed banana recipe suggests using bananas, raisins, and chocolate chips as the ingredients.

The dish is prepared by creating a slit in banana (with peel on) lengthwise and then filling it with raisins and chocolate chips. The stuffed banana is then baked in microwave until chocolate chips melt, and eaten immediately by scooping out from banana peel with the help of spoon.

Stuffed Banana Recipe Variations

There are a few variations of stuffed banana, explained as under:

  • Dates based variant- A mix of chopped nuts, dates, and cocoa or milk based chocolate is stuffed in bananas, which are wrapped in aluminum foil before grilling them on a grill or baking them in oven.

  • Peanut butter and ice cream based variant- the recipe for this stuffed banana dish suggests spooning in a mix of peanut butter, ice cream, and chocolate chips in the bananas before it is baked in oven.

  • Marshmallow stuffed bananas- marshmallows are stuffed along with bittersweet chocolate in banana to prepare a yellow, white, and black colored banana boat, baked in oven or microwave.

Serving Stuffed Bananas

The stuffed banana is often served along with some sort of cream like ice cream or coconut cream.