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Banana Relleno

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The contrasts of flavours hot-sweet-salty and textures-soft-crunchy makes for an amazing mouth pleaser. This is great party food as everything can be prepped ahead and grilled at the last minute. Make sure there is plenty of ice cold beer for cooling down after the Inner Beauty Hot Sauce. *Special note omit hot sauce for whimps and most kids.
  Ripe bananas 6 Medium
  Pulled pork 2 , smoked
  Hot sauce 12 Ounce
  Lime wedges 3
  Green onions 2 (green onion flowers slit green onions leaving attached at the bottom)

You need to do a dry rub and smoke that blade in pork butt for about 12 hours. * I'll post a separate recipes for this serious smoked pork butt and Inner Beauty Hot Sauce and link them here!

Now when the pork butt is smoked, let it sit for 30 minutes with a tin-foil tent to allow those magic juices to settle in to the yummy tender meat. We usually either start the smoker going around midnight for an early afternoon feast the net day, or at 6 AM for an evening get together-and whether you plan on company or not-well when they smell this they will be breaking down the door.

Now pull the strands of meat apart with a fork-actually they be falling off!

Just before you want to fill those grilld bananas-fry some of the pork on the griddle on the que to crisp it up a bit.

While doing this place the unpeeled bananas on the grill-they ill quickly grill and become a bit soft, and yes the skins turn black-but not to worry this is just perfect.

You take a grilled banana, slit it down it's stomach but leave the stem and end intact. Now kind of smoosh it together to allow it's steaming goodness to be exposed-this is where you pile on a heap of just slightly crisp smoked pulled pok.

Now for the crowning glory-drizzle generously some Inner Beauty Hot Sauce over the meat. Be ready for the raptures from all who partake of this heavenly meal of salty-hot-sweet heaven!

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: 
Preparation Time: 
15 Minutes
Cook Time: 
8 Minutes
Ready In: 
23 Minutes
We recently ate at The East Coast Grill in Cambridge, MA. Now we hunted this spot up as it's owner is a favourite chef and cook book author of ours, Chris Schlesinger. This talented man is all about bold flavours!!!! We were there the first time at Brunch and after attacking the World's Largest Bloddy Mary Bar we settled in on the menu. Oh dear me, how can we try everything we want in one morning? The answer was immediately evident-we'd just "have to" return for dinner later in the week. This Grilled Banana stuffed with Pulled Pork and doused with Inner Beauty Hot Sauce just grabbed us both! Everything else was great, but this dish was over the top dashing by a 10 rating with the first bite. There are a couple of other tasty treats I am going to attempt like Fish Ribs-got your attention, eh? I now have perfected this dynamite dish down to where Head Chef Lord would be proud! If you don't have a bottle of Inner Beauty Hot Sauce-you can use Matouk's Hot Sauce. However, I am going to post the recipe soon for Inner Beauty Hot Sauce!
Smoked Pork Stuffed Banana with Inner Beauty Hot Sauce

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Banana Relleno Recipe, Smoked Pork Stuffed Banana With Inner Beauty Hot Sauce