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Spinach Ball

Spinach ball is an appetizer which is commonly eaten in all world cuisines. The dish, as the name suggests, consists of balls prepared by using spinach as one of its main ingredients. Eaten both in dry or gravy form, spinach balls are easy to cook and can be prepared in advance and refrigerated.

Preparation Analysis

The ingredients which are commonly used for preparation of spinach balls include rinsed and chopped spinach, mozzarella cheese, chilies, pepper, onion, carrot and flour. Meat is also used at times to the balls to make it a non vegetarian appetizer.

To make the balls, all the ingredients are combined and shaped into small rounds. Once done, the balls are prepared either by baking, frying or steaming.

Spinach balls can be both prepared in dry form or with gravy. The gravy for the dish is usually prepared with onion and tomatoes.


Spinach balls are usually served warm along with dip of choice. The dish pairs well with cold beverages and is served as a starter. When included in main course, the balls are served in gravy with rice, noodles or breads.

Popular variations

  • Cheesy spinach ball – Mostly served as party foods, these balls are prepared by mixing spinach with cheese and other spices. Garlic is commonly added to the balls to make them more flavorful.

  • Palak ke kofte – It is a popular North Indian dish which consists of spinach balls dipped in spicy onion and tomato gravy. Palak ke kofte is normally eaten with Indian breads or steamed rice as a main course dish.

  • Spinach ball with honey mustard sauce – These spinach balls are served hot in honey mustard sauce which is prepared by cooking mayonnaise with honey and mustard. The dish is commonly eaten with noodles or rice.

  • Spinach brown rice ball – These spinach balls are prepared by mixing boiled crushed spinach with cooked rice. The balls are usually steamed and served as an appetizer with garlic dip.

Nutritional Value

Spinach balls are a good source of nutrition. Spinach is a good source of iron and vitamin A. The vegetable also provides the body with ample antioxidants which help in building immunity and provide protection to the body. When mixed with other ingredients, spinach balls make a healthy food option.