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Yao Hon

Yao Hon, also written as Yaohon, is a broth based dish from the Cambodian Cuisine which literally translates into “Fire Pot.” Also, often called “Chhnang Pleurng” by many, this dish is a common favorite, especially during informal or social gatherings. This delicacy which incorporates assorted vegetables as well as non-vegetarian ingredients, can be made in more ways than one, as, every family in the Cambodian region seems to have its unique ways of cooking this broth, which also depends on several factors such as availability of ingredients and personal preferences.

Yao Hon Recipe: Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview

One of the most popular versions of Yaohon recipe suggests the use of several spices, which results into the broth becoming very spicy, rich and flavorful.


Some vegetables which are often used in the making of Yao Hon include fermented bean curd which may or may not have chili in it, hot and spicy Asian Style BBQ sauce, Satay Sauce or simple BBQ sauce, pineapple dices, chicken stock, water, clear soda and beer or Coco Rico drink. Sugar and fish sauce are the other components of the Yaohon recipe.


The bean curd is broken down and made into a smooth paste, after which this paste is cooked with the BBQ sauce, Satay sauce, water, chicken stock and soda. Pineapple and seasonings are then mixed into this broth. Finally, meats and vegetables are also mixed and cooked and this makes the Yao Hon ready in minutes.

Serving and Eating Yaohon

This Khmer style dish is traditionally used as a dipping accompaniment along with beef, rice noodles, napa cabbage, mushrooms, dill, spinach and mushrooms. The most preferred way of serving Yaohon is with noodles while many even opt to relish the dish with plain steamed rice. There are other side dishes too which are commonly eaten in conjunction with this Cambodian specialty and those generally include mixed seafood side dish, grilled chicken, or a medley of vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, chrysanthemum leaves and watercress. Beef preparations being served with this dish is also not an uncommon practice.

Popular Yao Hon Recipe Variations

Variation can be brought about in the recipe by adding certain ingredients or eliminating some. Many Cambodians like using peanut butter in their Fire Pot dish. Often, ingredients like coconut milk, coconut water, wine, and pro-hok can also be added to give variation to the dish. Cuttlefish or squids are also preferred by some to be added to the Yao Hon broth.

Cambodian Yaohon: Trivia

  • The dish bears strong similarity to the Japanese dish – Sukiyaki.
  • The recipe of Yaohon has been derived from Chinese Hot Pot.
  • Yao Hon is also famously served in the restaurants as Cambodian Style Hot Pot.