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Soybean Cake

Soybean cake is produced by fermenting and processing soya beans in to paste form. Paste is then used to make cake. The product originated in Indonesia and is called as tempeh. However, most East-Asian cultures do have variations of the same cake that are cut and served in gravies of several varieties.


Soybean cake is unique in the way becuase the original process of cooking the fermented Soya beans into a paste and cake originated in Indonesia in 1805 and the cake was commonly cooked all over the state in several different varieties. The earliest known variety appears in the Serat Centini, a book that was written in A.D. 1815. The Chinese made an almost similar variety called the koji for producing their soy sauce but they used wild molds like Aspergillus oryzae to create the sauce and the cakes.

Soybean Cake Recipe: Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview

The process of making the soya bean cake requires many steps. The beans are softened and dehulled and sometimes mixed with wheat and whole grains to raise its nutritional value. Acidulants like lemon juice and vinegar are added to the Soya beans as the grains ferment. A fermenting agent called as Rhizopus oligosporus is added to the mix to create the fermented cakes. The soya bean cakes are usually eaten after ripening for two days.

Serving and Eating

The soybean cake has to be cooked before it is eaten. The actual recipe varieties will vary like stewing, stir frys, soups, sandwiches, deep frying, salads etc. The spongy texture of the cake lends itself to many dishes and is also very popular as a meat substitute.

Health and Nutrition Facts

Soya bean cake or tempeh is very high in nutritional value. The cake is very easy to digest due to the high content of Rhizopus oligosporus fungi in the tempeh. A large amount of Vitamin B12 is also present which makes the cake ideal for any kind of diet.


A commercially prepared birthday Soybean cake can be made from flour that is prepared with a mix of wheat flour, soya, millet and barley. This is a very popular flour combination that is used to produce birthday cakes for vegans.