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Patjuk is a Korean porridge made by adding rice and red beans, which is boiled and strained. This cuisine is served at Dongji day which is celebrated at 22nd of December and in winter, when Korea experiences the longest nights. The Patjuk is red in appearance due to the beans and it is believed that it can eradicate evil spirits from people and can help them to get rid of their sickness. Patjuk recipe gives way to this dish of red color which is a symbol of positive vibes and hence such believers scatter the Patjuk porridge all over the house prior to consuming it. This delicacy is usually sold on the streets by the vendors during winter months. Patjuk recipe is believed to have originated in Korea due to a mythological reason.

Ingredients and Method of Preparing Patjuk

The prime ingredients suggested for preparing Patjuk are red beans, white grain rice, sweet rice flour, water, sugar and salt. The initial step to prepare Patjuk is to wash the red beans thoroughly and to soak them for a night or for few hours. The rice is washed and is soaked for at least half an hour. The red beans are drained, added in a pot so that it is boiled, following which the pot is simmered until the red beans become tender. The red beans are cooled and the water is drained and is grinded in a blender until it becomes very smooth in texture. The boiling water of the beans is added in the blender so that the consistency becomes smooth and is kept aside.

Next, the rice balls are prepared by adding little water to the sweet rice flour so that a stiff batter is prepared and the dough is rolled into equal small balls. The soaked rice is added in a pot with adequate water on high flame until it gets boiled until it becomes tender and the flame is switched off. The prepared red beans mixture is added to rice and is kept for boiling following which the rice balls are pored into the pot until they boil while stirred frequently so that they do not stick to the bottom. The Patjuk recipe involves the rice balls to float following which sugar and salt are added, stirred and kept for a while. Patjuk is preferred to be served hot in a bowl as when the dish cools the rice balls begin to harden.

Some Health Facts Related to Patjuk Recipe

Patjuk is a highly nutritious dish with high content of carbohydrates in the form of rice and proteins in the form of red beans. This delectable porridge has a high calorific value and is a good source of energy. People suffering from obesity need to avoid this dish.