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Pasanda is a popular meat dish which is cooked in a sauce prepared using yogurt, cream, tomatoes and spices. This dish is savored and favored throughout North India and Pakistan. The dish is inspired from a popular meat preparation served in the court of Mughal emperors. The name of this dish is derived from Urdu word “pasande” which translates to favorite or pleasing in English. The name may refer to the type of meat used in the dish preparation. Normally, the pasanda is served as a meat preparation but it is also prepared in the form of kebab. The dish gains its distinct identity due to the use of its ingredients such as almonds, cream, and coconut milk. The dish is normally spicy and heavily seasoned, but it’s milder in comparison with other meat preparations. Pasanda has also tickled the European taste buds, and is normally used to depict Indian cooking in general. The dish is also sometimes known as lamb badam pasanda because it is prepared using the lamb meat and ground badam or almond paste. Normally, the dish that is served across restaurants is much milder and prepared using meat, pureed tomatoes, ground almonds, cardamom pods and cream.

Pasanda Recipe- Ingredients
Cream, coconut milk, almonds, tomatoes, yogurt, chili powder, and spices like cumin, peppercorn, garlic, cardamom, garam masala are some of the ingredients mostly used in preparation of Pasanda and various variations of the dish. Meat is the main feature of the dish and normally lamb meat is used in the preparation of the dish; however chicken and king prawns are also preferred in a few pasanda recipe variations. The choice of ingredients and preparation process rarely varies.

Pasanda Recipe- Preparation

As a statutory requirement of the recipe of pasanda, the meat used in the preparation is first cut, flattened and cooked in marinade prepared from yogurt and spices. After cooking for some hours, the meat is then transferred to a saucepan and fried with ingredients like onions, peppers, chilies, cinnamon, and black pepper etc for about half an hour.

Eating and Serving Pasanda
The pasanda is served after a generous garnishing of tomatoes or almonds. Normally, almond garnishing is done only in case of lamb badam pasanda preparation. This meat preparation can be teamed as a side dish with any rice preparation or traditional breads like naan, kulcha, etc.