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Mucver is a Turkish dish which is made of flour, eggs, zucchini, and seasonings. It s also called ‘Turkish pancake’ and is usually eaten with a yoghurt dip. It is served as an appetizer.

Ingredients Used and Popular Mucver Recipe
The commonly used ingredients for the mucver recipe are zucchini, flour, eggs, carrots, dill weed, yellow onion and olive oil. Variations may exist between recipes in different places.

Method of Preparation
For Mucver recipe, the various ingredients like flour, eggs, carrots, onions and feta cheese are mixed together to make a thick batter. The zucchini used for this recipe is grated and the excess water removed by absorbing it in a paper towel. The batter is now taken in small portions and fried in heated olive oil in a frying pan. It is considered done when golden brown in color, and should be well fried from both sides. Now the mucver so prepared is placed on paper towels to remove excess oil, and served hot.

Serving Mucver
Mucver is served hot, as an appetizer. It is served with a yoghurt dip.

Health and Nutrition Facts about Mucver
Mucver is a nutritious dish in terms of essential nutrients it contains, though it is high in oil content on account of being fried in oil.

Zucchini present in mucver is considered a very healthy ingredient, as it has high fiber content and is a very good source of phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sodium, iron and magnesium. It serves as a natural laxative, and helps in detoxifying the body. Other ingredients present in the mucver recipe include eggs that are a good source of protein, and herbs and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals.