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Limpa Bread

Limpa bread is a type of sweet bread from Sweden, which has dark color just like rye bread. Also known as Swedish Vört Limpa, these sweet breads are made with different flavors that include orange juice, molasses, anise seeds, caraway seeds and fennel seeds. Proper limpa bread is known for moist texture, rich flavor and an amazing alcoholic fragrance. Mostly served for breakfast, this Swedish bread is generally topped with melted butter. The bread is widely popular all across Sweden and among Swedish people, who usually like to prepare bread at home. Owing to its popularity, there are many bakeries all around the world making this bread primarily.

Ingredients For Making Limpa Bread Recipe

Limpa bread is very simple to make and need some of the simplest ingredients. The main ingredients used to make this bread includes orange juice, butter, molasses, brown sugar, anise seed crushed, caraway seeds crushed, fennel seeds crushed, cold water, salt, yeast, orange peel, rye flour and bread flour. Apart from all these ingredients, instant coffee granules and cornmeal are also used to prepare different types of bread. Whole wheat flour can be used instead of rye flour to have light colored bread.

Serving Limpa Bread Recipe

Popularly known as a festive or holiday food, Limpa bread dish can be served in various ways. A little sweet flavored bread is always appreciated when served slightly hot with butter during breakfast or evening snacks. Moreover, the Swedish bread also goes extremely well with sweet creamy things such as cream cheese, jams, and preserves. Also, various fruit preserves such as blueberry and cranberry preserves can be served with different types of breads.

Types of Limpa Bread Recipe

There is an extensive variety of limpa bread and its recipes. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Adding just one spoon of instant coffee granules can change the color of the bread by making it a little darker.

2. To get light colored and differently flavored bread, the rye flour is usually substituted by some whole wheat flour.

3. Some orange peel instead of fine orange juice can be added in the mixture to make the bread thicker and flavorful.