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Lebanese food is famous for its distinct and unique flavor and is considered to be one of the most popular foods among various Middle Eastern cuisines. The regional impact and the rich cultural and traditional history are the major contributors in determining uniqueness of the Lebanese cuisine. Lebanese food is, no doubt, considered to be the best food in the entire world.

Lebanese Cuisine – Commonly Used Ingredients

In almost all Lebanese recipes, herbs, garlic, olive oil, and lemon are the typical ingredients are suggested.

Lebanese Cuisine - Historical Influences

Lebanese food has a great and unique history which has helped in making it the most admirable and popular foods among all cuisines of Middle Eastern region. The control of various foreign powers on Lebanon brought in various kinds of foods in the country. The rule of Ottoman Turks during 1516 to 1918 helped in the introduction of various distinct foods which are now considered to be staples in Lebanese diet. One of the popular examples is “cooking with lamb”. During 1914-1918, the French ruled the country, thus brining several other varieties of food, with flan, caramel custard and croissants being the most popular, which are now considered to be the most popular Lebanese food items. Apart from the historical influences, Lebanese food also has cultural influences, where Lebanese people themselves brought various kinds of delicious foods and recipes from different cultures into their cuisine.

Lebanese Cuisine – Popular Foods

Meat, fish, fruits, dairy products, vegetables and seafood are the major delights of Lebanese gastronomy, thus coming out with well decorated and colorful foods which are highly admired by the people. Lebanese food is well known for its health benefits and great taste. Most of the Lebanese people prefer poultry as compared to red meat. However, some people prefer to eat red meat, where goat meat is eaten in mountain areas and lamb is eaten in coastal areas. Good amount of olive oil and garlic is used while preparing meat dishes, which are often seasoned with lemon juice. Caramel custard, croissant, and flan are the three most famous Lebanese dishes throughout the world. Of these, croissant is a Lebanese food, which is highly popular due to extensive amount of butter used in preparation. Also, stuffing of chicken, fish or mutton is highly liked by people. One of the most important parts of Lebanese culture is coffee drinking. It is normally joked that if a Lebanese person did not drink coffee, then he or she is not a true Lebanese. Though various kinds of coffee are served in various Lebanon restaurants, yet dark, strong, thick and cardamom flavored coffee is most popularly served. Also, bitter and unsweetened coffee is preferred by most of the people.

Lebanese Cuisine – Best Recipes

A few best recipes pertaining to Lebanese food include the following:

• Kunafi – a local pastry which is stuffed with sweet white cheese, syrup and nuts

• Ackwai - one of the local cheese varieties

• Baba ghanouj – Lebanese food made up of charring eggplant, by way of grilling method, which is popularly served with different kinds of purees and sauces in the form of dip