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Food in Lahore is characterized as spicy, rich and fat laden, with chicken based dishes, seekh kebabs, murg musallam, and dahi bhallay being the most common specialties. This capital city of Pakistan is most famed for its Punjabi dishes with the cuisine of the city being also largely influenced by the culinary arts and traditions of Central Asia, Middle East and South Asia.

Cultural Influence on Lahore Cuisine

The food in Lahore has a strong influence of the Mughal cuisine. Also, foreign and western cultures have had a great impact on the Lahori food, which is evident by the recipes of Lahore, where local traditional recipes have been blended with modern western techniques, so as to create superior and refined taste of the food.

Lahore Food- Specialties

Nihari– this is the national food of Pakistan, which is a meat based dish having its origin in Northern India from the kitchens of Muslim people. It is basically a curry prepared of beef shank and spices.

Gosht karahi– this is a specialty food in Lahore where mutton or chicken is cooked in various spices.

Dal gosht– this mix of pulses and meat is popular all over the city.

Seekh kababs– these are rolls of minced meat prepared in Pashto style.

Dahi bhallay– this is a yogurt based dish which is popular as an appetizer.

Chicken tikka– this is a popular food among Lahoris where pieces of chicken are fried in barbeque style.

Biryani– Lahore biryani is a spicy rice dish cooked with meat.

Halwa Poori– breakfast in Lahore is said to be incomplete without this dish, where halwa is the sweet eaten along with poori which is prepared by frying wheat based small sized rolled dough in oil.

Murgh musallam– This is a food in Lahore for making which, chicken and rice are cooked together with the stuffing of dry fruits.

Lahore Food: Diet Routine

The people of Lahore have the habit of eating three meals in a day viz breakfast, lunch and dinner, where breakfast usually consists of halwa poori, parathas, seasonal fruits, and qeema; lunch consists of lentils or meat curies eaten along with nan, rice or roti; and dinner, which is regarded as main meal, usually consists of kebabs, korma, kofta, pulao served along with roti, rice, salad, and pickle. Nihari, the most popular food in Lahore, is also eaten at dinner time.