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Kurdish food is made by Kurdish people who originate from Turkey and other places such as Iran, Iraq and even Iraqi Kurdistan, where the Kurds have settled. This region’s cuisine mostly includes dishes that comprise of fruits, vegetables, lamb, chicken and dairy products and most importantly fresh herbs are used abundantly in Kurdish recipes. In fact, the Kurdish food is influenced greatly by its traditions and this can be seen in most of its dishes such as Kubbeh, Kabab, Birinc, Kutlik, Kuki, etc.

The food of Kurdistan has evolved from the Kurds who have settled all over Middle East Asia, in countries such as Turkey, Iran, Iraq, etc. Because of the abundant availability of fruits such as grapes, pomegranate, figs and walnuts, there are many fruit based dishes and similarly, since sheep and buffalo are domesticated by the Kurds, milk and milk products are largely used in Kurdish dishes.

Popular Dishes
Kurdish food includes a lot of popular dishes that range from vegetables, dairy and even meat and poultry. Kofta, Kubba (dumplings filled with meat), Berbesel, Kellane, Biryani, Parev Tabeli, Kuki, Kullerenaske, wheat and lentil soup, beet and meat soup, cookies, etc., are some popular and staple foods of Kurds. Sweetened black tea is very common and a favorite with most Kurds, other than Mastaw, which is a buttermilk like drink that is made with a couple of tablespoons of yoghurt in a cold water).

Commonly used Ingredients
The Kurds mostly use ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, chicken, beef, mutton and most importantly fresh herbs, which can be seen in most of the dishes. Wheat grain, rice honey, cheese, butter, olives, eggs, tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, etc., are some more common ingredients of this cuisine.

Common Cooking Methods
Kurdish food comprises of dishes that are with boiled (specially Saar, which is boiled, sun-dried and pounded wheat grain that gets de-husked which can then be boiled and served), steamed, fried and even stewed. Baked foods such as Cardamom cookies too are popular with the Kurds.

Kurdish Dishes Popular with Tourists
The food of Kurdistan is quite popular with a lot of tourists, especially dishes such as Kababs, Biryani, Menemen, Tashreeb (layers of naan in a sauce made with green peppers, tomatoes, onions and chilies), Tapsi ( a dish made with aubergines, green peppers, courgettes and potatoes cooked in a little spicy tomato sauce), Burgul Pilaf, etc.

Kurdish food includes Dolma, which is traditionally eaten during Nawroz, an annual festival of the Kurds and this is generally enjoyed in the countryside with this particular dish that is made with rice, meat, herbs and garlic stuffed in fresh vine leaves.