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Food in Karachi reflects the amalgamation of a large number of culinary cultures into one with the major influences being from those of Sindh, Afghanistan, Baloch, Gujarat, Bombay, Bihar, Turkey and China. Karachi delicacies are largely characterised as barbeque foods and lentil and rice based dishes with assorted breads dominating the cuisine. The cuisine of Karachi is different from other regions of the country in terms of oil and spice use as Karachi people tend to use less oil and mildly aromatic spices in their cooking.

Popular Karachi Foods

There are a number of foods which are popular in Karachi, a few of which include the following:

  • Meat based dishes are highly popular in the city, where beef is used abundantly. Beef based curries are immensely famous. However, seafood, chicken and goat are also famous in the region.

  • Another food in Karachi is barbeque food, which is immensely admired by the residents of the city.

  • Pulses such as lentils are also widely eaten in Karachi.

  • Rice based dishes like biryani and pulao are the favorites of many Karachi people.

  • Bread such as Naan, Chapati, Tandoor bread, Puri, and Paratha are immensely popular.

Karachi Food- Food and Diet Routine

In Karachi, normally three main meals are taken throughout the day, along with many families taking evening snack. During the evening normally sugar free green tea is consumed along with some baked or fried snacks that are bought from a local bakery or made at home. The common breakfast items in Karachi include parathas, minced meat, bread butter, bread jam, and halwa poori, served normally with lassi or tea. In lunch, lentils or meat curries are consumed along with rice, or roti. During dinner, food in Karachi consists of korma, kebabs, pulao, and lentils, accompanied with yogurt, salad and pickle. At times dessert is taken after dinner which may include, ras malai, kulfi, kheer, gajaraila or gulab jamun.

Karachi Food- Eating Habits

  • In Karachi, and all over Pakistan, right hand is used for eating the food according to the Islamic tradition, which prevails in the country.

  • The street vendors in Karachi normally serve the food on takht, which is a raised hard platform for eating food, where people take out their shoes and sit crossed legged to eat food.

  • The food in Karachi, and throughout Pakistan, is normally served on cloth called dastarkhan, spread on floor.