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Kanafeh is an Arabic sweet dish made of pastry of fine dough threads. It is considered native to Nablus. It is also called Kunafeh.

Kanafeh Recipe- Preparation

For Kunafeh recipe, the vermicelli like pastry is first prepared. This is done by drizzling streams of flour and water batter on a hot plate, so that it takes the form of threads. The threads are collected into skeins.

The threads can be of three kinds-

  • Khishnah- is a rough version, with the appearance of noodles
  • Na’ama- is a finer version, and looks like small pieces of clustered semolina
  • Mhayara- is a mix of the above two

For preparing Kanafeh, some pastry is heated with oil or butter, then mixed with more pastry and spread with cheese, or rolled around the cheese. The cooked dish is drenched in sugar syrup (sugar syrup for Kanafeh recipe is made with sugar, water and a few drops of rose water).

Variants of Kanafeh

Kadaif:This consists of chopped nuts filling in the centre of a tube or nest like pastry made of dough threads. The pastry is painted with molten butter, baked golden brown, and soaked in sugar or honey syrup.

Ka’ket Kanafeh: A version prevalent in Turkey and Levant. It resembles a layered treat or helwah, and is often served on bread, sprinkled with sesame seeds. It is served with, or in a thick sugar or honey based syrup.

Serving Kanafeh

The dish is served as dessert, or even breakfast or any other meal in various regions. It is often served with or drenched in sugar or honey syrup.