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Javanese food, originated from the Island of Java, makes a staple diet of a major percentage of Indonesians. The Javanese food offers various dishes that cater to all taste buds and follow easy culinary styles. A major emphasis is laid on the freshness of the ingredients and the dishes prepared for consumption. Javanese food is mild, diverse and sweet flavored and the cuisine is divided into two sub cuisines; cuisine of East Java and cuisine of Central Java.

Commonly Used Ingredients

Javanese food includes rice as the staple that is used in many food preparations. Garlic, red garlic, black peppers are used to flavor the food delicacies in Java. Carrots, beans, corn, potato, and peanuts are mostly eaten vegetables. Meat dishes are common and usually beef, goat , chicken and burung bird is consumed. Prawn, crab and tuna are also consumed on a large scale. Coconut oil is a common ingredient used for making Javanese food.

Popular Cooking Methods

Deep frying, boiling and grilling are the most common cooking methods adopted to prepare Javanese dishes.

Popular Recipes

  • Krupuk- Fish or shrimp crackers
  • Gado gado- A salad preparation combining vegetables with peanut sauce
  • Soto- chicken soup with noodles
  • Gethuk- a dish made of steamed cassava.


  • Usually pork is not included in Javanese dishes, as 90% of population of Java is Muslim.
  • The cuisine of Java, does not have the concept of starter- main course- dessert. The meals are eaten without any appetizers. The food is relished with drinks.