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Iraqi food is diverse and popular as the oldest world cuisine with a wonderful combination of taste and rich culture. Iraqi dishes mainly consist of foods prepared from wheat, vegetables, herbs, spices, and meat. Klaicha and quozi are the two most popular Iraqi foods.

Historical And Cultural Influences

The cuisine’s history can be dated back to 10,000 years and it has upgraded well along with the changing times. Iraqi food is deeply impacted by the culinary styles of Iran, Greece, Turkey and Syria.

Commonly Used Ingredients

Meat is mainly used in Iraqi food preparations. Lamb and chicken are the meats consumed often. Iraqis also include vegetables such as tomato, potato, okra, courgette, chili, garlic and pepper in their dishes. Rice, wheat and barley are also the major food constituents of Iraqi food. Iraqis like to consume beans and peas in variety of dishes. Chickpeas and cannellini are majorly used. Fruits also are an important part of Iraqi diet. Dates, raisins, apricots, figs, grapes, melon and pomegranate are the often consumed fruits. Feta and halloumi cheese are used to enhance the flavor of many recipes. Herbs and spices play a major role in Iraqi food preparation. Cinnamon, cumin, cardamom, oregano, saffron and sumac are the spices used. The other common ingredients of Iraqi food are almonds, pistachio, honey, rose water and yogurt.

Popular Cooking Methods

The Iraqi food undergoes through all the modern cooking methods which includes baking, grilling, frying, pickling, simmering and stuffing. The meat is prepared in a unique way by mixing it with fruits.

Festive Foods

  • Kleicha – It is a form of cookie which can be made in various traditional shapes and with different fillings. Kleicha filled with dates are the most popular and half-moon shaped cookies with filling of nuts and sugar is also very popular.
  • Masgouf - This Iraqi food comprise of grilled opened fish spiced with salt, pepper, and tamarind. The fish is usually served with rice cooked in tomatoes or saffron.


Pork meat is prohibited in Islam and thus is not available in any supermarket of Iraq.